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Service Operations Engineer – Seattle

Primary Responsibilities and Essential Functions

  • Schedule and execute planned and unplanned service calls around the new market area in a timely fashion. Lead troubleshooting efforts for machines (training will be provided).
  • Perform machine installations and preventative maintenance. Train and support partners on equipment maintenance and troubleshooting.
  • Independently manages the new customer installation process by being the primary point of contact after a deal closes, performing or coordinating the site inspection, completing all necessary install documentation (Certificates of Insurance, Work Permits, etc), managing any external contractor work, and ensuring the install takes place according to the customer’s expectation.
  • Supports product demonstrations or other sales and marketing events as necessary for new lead generation.
  • Manages the consumable and spare part inventory for the local market, maintaining systems to track receipts and picks of material.
  • Responsible for meeting all Key Performance Indicator (KPI) targets in market as established by the VP of Operations and the Bevi Management team, including machine availability, customer service, logistics costs, unplanned service rate, and monthly machine visits.
  • Leads root-cause troubleshooting efforts to resolve machine issues quickly and permanently, engaging software or hardware technical resources as needed.
  • Gathers and shares customer and service feedback with the product team, improving future versions and iterations of our product.
  • Completes any necessary field machine servicing when no other resource is available to do so.
  • Responds to critical partner support issues or contract requirements as necessary when contacted by the Partner Service Director or designate.
  • Responsible for other actions or deliverables as assigned by the VP of Operations or Bevi management team.


  • Embodies the Bevi spirit and works at all times to delight our customers.
  • Takes the job seriously, but knows how to have fun and always brings a positive attitude to work.
  • Has people and project management skills in order to navigate organizations to achieve the goals and targets specified.
  • Is the face of the company in the local market and delivers upon Bevi’s brand promise on customer service.
  • Hands-on and has a bias towards action when considering how to complete a task or goal.

Requirements (Technical & Physical)

  • An undergraduate or associates degree in business, engineering, or another technical or related discipline.
  • Prior experience in a field service, manufacturing, or related industry, preferably 3+ years.
  • Has an above average knowledge of mechanical, electrical, and software systems.
  • Must be comfortable using modern digital tools for communication and team management (Google Suite, Slack, ERPs, and/or similar systems).
  • Must be able to lift 50 pounds, walk, sit, stand, and transport materials or machines around an office or warehouse environment.
  • Must have a clean and reliable car, hold active driver’s license, and have auto insurance in the local market serviced.

Please send your resume to and explain why you’re interested in the role.

Bevi Careers

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