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How Bevi Aligns with Akamai’s Commitment to Sustainability


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“Bevi’s commitment to helping our employees stay healthy while lessening their  environmental footprint aligns with our commitment to creating global change through local and individual action.”

As one of Bevi’s first corporate clients, Akamai Technologies has been using Bevi to sustainably meet their hydration needs for more than four years. In honor of Earth Day, we are excited to share their story. 

Headquartered in Boston, Akamai is a leading content delivery network services provider for cloud security solutions and media and software delivery. Committed to keeping digital experiences closer to users while keeping attacks farther away, Akamai helps top brands around the world gain a competitive advantage through their portfolio of edge security, web and mobile performance, and OTT solutions. 

As the “pioneering leader of the intelligent edge,” Akamai also boasts a cutting-edge commitment to sustainability. As Mike Mattera, Akamai’s Director of Corporate Sustainability, puts it: Akamai is “constantly looking for ways to expand the reach” of their global sustainability efforts. A crucial piece of that constant search involves forming partnerships that, in Mike’s words, “improve the areas where we all work, operate and live.” 

For Akamai, this commitment to sustainability involves a whole suite of large and small scale efforts, as they aim to reduce the amount of energy consumed by their edge platform, decrease their greenhouse gas emissions, and recycle electronic waste responsibly.

As part of this vision, Akamai recognizes the power of local and individual action, and looks for ways to enact global change through individual behavior shifts. In an office, that involves the day-to-day actions of their staff—including what they drink.


Before switching to Bevi in November 2015, Akamai’s beverage options included unflavored still water from countertop dispensers and bottled and canned beverages from onsite markets. In these micro-markets, one of the most popular items sold was flavored seltzer. Which  meant boring water options provided in the office were passed over, while plastic waste piled up from those seeking more exciting alternatives.

According to Matt Burgess, Manager of Global Real Estate and Workplace Productivity at Akamai, leadership picked up on this strong employee interest in flavored seltzer and wanted to provide it as a fun additional perk for employees. As a company, Akamai is committed to fostering a work environment that allows all team members to feel empowered to contribute and perform to the best of their abilities, and part of that includes offering on-site conveniences in their offices.

Naturally, providing perks requires carefully choosing partners and considering the daily impact those perks might have. For Akamai, that meant choosing partners that aligned with their commitment to sustainability, as well as providing some perks that supported individual healthy and sustainable choices for their employees. 

As Mike, Director of Corporate Sustainability, explains: Akamai engages employees with tips and tricks on how to make more sustainable decisions both at the office or at home, “including things like using reusable water bottles instead of purchasing bottled beverages.” By supporting employees with their decisions, Akamai is able to enact sustainable actions both as a company and on an individual level.


When Akamai first discovered Bevi in 2015, they were early adopters, as there weren’t many other products on the market like Bevi. As Matt put it, Bevi seemed like “a really cool, and adaptable solution.” The verdict? That initial impression “turned out to be true.” 

Bevi not only aligned with Akamai’s commitment to sustainability, but also offered a well-received perk for employees who demonstrated interest in flavored sparkling beverages, enabled healthy choices, and supported individual, sustainable actions. Bevi’s core belief that you shouldn’t have to choose between what’s good for you and what’s good for the environment neatly aligned with Akamai’s own commitments—supporting employees while supporting broader sustainability efforts.

As Mike put it, “Bevi’s commitment to helping our employees stay healthy while lessening their  environmental footprint aligns with our commitment to creating global change through local and individual action.”

But, even beyond all of these alignments, there’s an even bigger reason Akamai continues to use Bevi to this day: the high level of service. In Matt’s words, “there are few products that are as reliable as Bevi.” In particular, Akamai has found that the machines and inventory levels are, as Matt put it, “maintained with almost no effort from the internal team.” 

Since Bevi is internet-connected, Bevi technicians are able to proactively service the machines and replace flavors and water filters before they run out, without Akamai teams needing to worry about issues or inventory. For Matt, it’s this aspect of Bevi that has been particularly impressive, and what explains why they’ve continued to rely on Bevi for years.


Since implementing Bevi, Akamai has been able to use less plastic, save time, offer additional healthy drink options to employees, and contribute to its larger commitment to the environment. 

Akamai got their first Bevi units in November 2015, renewed for nine machines in 2018, and now have six machines in other locations all across the country—from Denver, to Atlanta, to San Francisco, and more. 

In that time, it’s safe to say that, as Matt put it, Akamai has “definitely been using less plastic.” In fact, their company has saved more than 593,000 plastic bottles so far. Matt has noticed that many people have been using the Bevi machine in place of bottled beverages—and clearly, all those individual actions have added up. 

Beyond saving plastic, Bevi has also freed up another important resource for Akamai: time. As Matt explains, “It’s a time saver for the Operations team since Bevi is so proactive with service.” By proactively servicing machines, Bevi has saved Akamai’s operations staff valuable time that would have previously been spent on reordering and restocking beverages, and chasing down service technicians when a problem arises. 

According to Julie Paris, Manager of Wellness Program, another great result of incorporating Bevi machines into their offices has been offering additional healthy drink options to employees. As Julie puts it, Akamai prefers to provide beverages that “help support employees in improving their health.” By offering flavor options that are zero or low-calorie and made with natural flavors, Bevi aligns with Akamai’s commitment to providing healthy on-site options that offer—in Julie’s words—”a nice alternative to soda.” Plus, the flavors are a hit: for Mike, Director of Corporate Sustainability, sparkling Watermelon is the obvious favorite, with Peach Mango as a solid second. 

Finally, on a larger scale, Bevi has fit in with Akamai’s firm commitment to caring for the environment. As Mike puts it, Akamai sees caring for the environment as a company-wide responsibility. They are dedicated to helping create fast, smart, and secure digital experiences, “all while caring for the larger environment.” It is this sense of company responsibility that drives Akamai to make sustainable business decisions that seek to benefit their customers, communities, and the future of their industry. 

A key component of this, according to Mike, involves taking steps to further engage their suppliers in sustainable action, while also encouraging employees, partners, and like-minded companies “to take action with us in the areas where we all work, operate, and live.” Bevi is proud to share Akamai’s commitment to sustainability and continue to partner with them to provide tasty, sustainable beverages that make a difference, one saved bottle at a time.

Want to learn more? Bevi is more than just a smart water cooler: learn more about our full line of Products, healthy Flavors, and hassle-free Service here.


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