Maura Foley Bevi Business Development Representative In February 2020’s Bevi Employee Spotlight, meet Maura Foley – a Business Development Representative at Bevi’s Boston office. Joined for just 5 months ago, see how Bevi has shaped her first working experience.

What is your role at Bevi?

I am a business development representative on the sales team. My team reaches out to potential customers to see if they are interested in Bevi! I’m currently covering territories such as Seattle, Portland, and Houston and working with sales reps in those regions. I reach out through email and set up tastings for offices to experience Bevi flavors for themselves.

What does “working at Bevi” mean to you?

Working at Bevi means making an environmental difference in one office at a time. It is great seeing the impact we are creating through our machines. I think working for a company that is so mission-focused to help other companies become more sustainable is truly rewarding. I love hearing the excitement our customers get when they want to implement a Bevi in their office – showing our enthusiasm is rubbing off!

What do “Diversity and Inclusion at Bevi” mean to you?

Bevi has such a familial culture that diversity and inclusion are embedded in our everyday work life. Our office is so accepting when it comes to people’s backgrounds and experiences. Everyone is encouraged to be themselves when doing their job. It is great to have such a supportive network of coworkers that embrace differences.

What is your favorite flavor and customization, why?

Peach Mango sparkling is by far my favorite. I am constantly drinking it throughout the day! I am a big seltzer fan so I love making any flavor with extra bubbles. It is fun to drink when plain water gets boring. When I think of the fruits peach and mango I think of sweet and refreshing which is exactly how this flavor tastes!

Passions and Interests outside of the office that you have:

Outside of the office, you can usually find me hanging out with friends and family. On weekends I’m usually exploring new breweries or watching the Patriots. I also love to golf! This past summer I joined a golf league and had so much fun participating. My game definitely improved throughout the summer.

What are the cool projects you are working on?

Currently, we are trying to find different ways to find new customers other than through email. We are training on cold calling and on how to approach each situation. My team and I are building out lists of ideal companies that should have a Bevi. It is great to researching and learning about companies throughout my specific regions. There are so many companies that could benefit with a Bevi in their office.

What exactly do you do?

As a business development rep, my job is to prospect potential Bevi clients. I reach out through email and begin the sales funnel. I am the first person they are in touch with at bevi so I am basically the voice of the brand! Once a person is interested I connect them with a territory manager and set up an introductory call or tasting. I am constantly strategizing on companies to target that I think would be a great fit for Bevi.

What was your experience before Bevi?

Bevi is actually my first job out of college! Throughout college, I did various internships in the marketing world. One of my favorite experiences was with a start-up hard seltzer company. I was a marketing and sales intern doing everything under the sun! This was a 3 full-time employee company so I got to take on tasks that a typical intern would not be given. It was an amazing experience and I actually found out about Bevi through an office space we rented out that summer!

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Bevi Employee Spotlight October 2019 Joe Brumaghim

Bevi Employee Spotlight October 2019 Joe Brumaghim

In October 2019’s Bevi Employee Spotlight, meet Joe Brumaghim – a Senior Software Engineer at Bevi’s Boston office. He has been part of the Bevi family for over three years.

What exactly do you do?

I am a Full-stack Software Engineer. I work on everything from open valves to implement features in our servicing dashboard. I write software in C, Java, Typescript in my day-to-day.

What are the cool projects you are working on?

One of the cool projects I am working on at work is creating automation suite and test harnesses for our new next-generation machine. Every time we make a change, we will run our machine through many tests to give us confidence in our build.

What was your experience before Bevi?

Bevi was actually my first full-time job outside of school. Before, I used to work in data centers.

What does working at Bevi mean to you?

Specifically, being a part of the environmental impact is a huge deal to me. We save countless bottles a month.

What does Diversity & Inclusion at Bevi mean to you?

Oh man, haha I honestly don’t think about it that often because it’s so great here. It’s just not a thing like it’s never been an issue, but you know, regardless of age, gender, anything, everyone is included. Especially for me, it was age, I started here when I was 19 as a software engineer.

What is your favorite flavor and customization and why?

Raspberry is my favorite flavor right now because I have always been a huge fan of it. We used to have raspberries at my parents’ place in New Hampshire and I think that’s why I like it so much. Although, most of the time I like still water though. I like it plain, personally not a sparkling guy. That also kinda goes into what I like in general for food and drinks, a super plain guy with no customization.

Passions & interests outside of the office:

I’m a big fan of longboarding as well as video games and programming on the side. I own two Z-boards and play a range of games, from Tetris 99 to Rocket League.

Author: Tommy Nguyen

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