Enjoy water more.
Enjoy more water.
Unlimited plain, sparkling, and
flavored water for the office.

Pour something good
Pour something good.
Starting with great-tasting filtered water, Bevi lets you customize your drink with a variety of creative and delicious flavorings.

Bevi flavor offerings
Flavors are subject to change.
Please click here for the latest flavor offerings.
Restock itself
Contrary to what Mom says, this machine will restock itself.
Your Bevi is connected to the Internet, so our service team will proactively keep the machines stocked with your favorite flavors.

Bevi pours more than 10 drinks per minute for our customers around the country!
Single step
A custom drink in a single step.
Step 1: pour your drink

Some of our happy customers
Hydration looks good on you.
Choose from a variety of zero-calorie, low-calorie and sweetened flavors - or just enjoy pure filtered water. We never use high fructose corn syrup.
Environment Statistics
Bevi machines are saving 4,000,000
bottles a year from the landfill!
Small footprint
Small footprint. Big impact.
With Bevi, your office can eliminate waste from the production, transportation, and disposal of water bottles.

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