We’re on a mission to unbottle the future


Sustainability by the glass

When you use Bevi, you’re saving more than a plastic bottle—you’re shutting off the oil needed to create it and keeping the air free from emissions that come from shipping it.


Bevi users have saved over 450 million bottles to-date. Quite the accomplishment on your water break.

The elephant in the room

Or should we say elephants. The amount of plastic waste dumped into our oceans is estimated to exceed 8 million tons each year, or about the weight of 1.3 million elephants.


Over 50 billion plastic water bottles are sold each year. Each bottle takes more than 400 years to biodegrade.



Feeling thirsty?

Making a 16-oz. bottle of water takes 1.4 gallons of water and enough oil to fill ¼ of the bottle.


Getting that bottle from factory to fridge generates 62 g of CO2—making the annual carbon footprint of bottled water equivalent to 5 million cars.

Recycling, good. Ditching plastic, better.

While plastic bottles can be recycled, only about 20% ever are. The rest wind up as trash.


With Bevi, you can reduce your carbon footprint and save about 50,000 plastic bottles a year.


Sustainability. It’s in our DNA

Refurbished program

The Standup 1.5 Refurbished program gives machines a second life while staying true to our high-quality standards and our mission to create a more sustainable world.

Office waste programs

Our office composting has saved more than 3,800 lbs. of food waste and 2,700 lbs. of greenhouse gases so far.


Our Bevi Green Team is all about spreading sustainability, from park cleanups and urban farming to used clothing and donation drives.

Join over 6,000 companies and get your Bevi.