About Us

Small footprint.

Big impact.

Sustainability by the glass

With every beverage you pour, you’re saving more than a plastic bottle. You’re shutting off the oil and emissions needed to manufacture and ship it.


Since 2014, Bevi users have saved more than 450 million bottles and cans. Quite the accomplishment on your water break.

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How a glass of water is turning back a sea of plastic

When our co-founder, Eliza Becton, learned of the Pacific Garbage Patch, she knew she had to do something about it. What if you could make it so easy, fun, and efficient to not use plastic, people actually enjoyed doing it?


In 2013, Becton teamed up with two friends, Sean Grundy and Frank Lee, to engineer a water dispenser that brought together filtered water, flavors, and fizz. Bevi was born. The result? Thousands of people drinking healthy beverages, saving the planet, and having more fun at work.

Our shared values

Doing what we do at Bevi means living by a special set of ideals and beliefs.

Put customers first

Go beyond just satisfying them. Deliver on what they want, before they even know it.

Be great to work with

Some roles come with more responsibility than others, but all roles come with equal respect.

Raise the bar together

Learn from the losses. Celebrate the wins. Do it all together.

Act like you own the business

Make decisions like you’re running the place, and then make the place even better.

Be curious and ask why

Question the status quo. Encourage different ideas, and welcome challenges to your own.

Champion sustainability

The power to save the planet comes from the power of your example.


Do what matters

Ridding the world of plastic, keeping people healthier, and having fun doing it. All of that matters to us at Bevi. You, too? Then we should get in touch. Check out our current opportunities.