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Bevi’s 2024 Environmental Sustainability Report

How big is the plastic pollution problem? The amount of plastic waste dumped into our oceans each year is estimated to exceed 14 million tons, with 12% being plastic bottles. That’s not hard to believe, considering billions of plastic bottles and containers are produced each year for water alone, and less than 30% of those […]
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How DHL Supply Chain Keeps Employees Hydrated and Productive

DHL Supply Chain ensures millions of deliveries reach customers. What keeps them going? Part of it’s the perks they all love—especially the ones that bring them together and keep them healthy. The Challenge: How do you promote collaboration (and health) in the office? The Fix: Bringing back water cooler talk (with custom, good-for-you options) The […]
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Ditch the Plastic Cups: How to Start a BYOB Initiative in Your Office

That’s Bring Your Own (Reusable) Bottle, if you weren’t sure.
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