The Bevi Design Center

Looking to incorporate a sleek and sustainable water cooler into the design for your new space? Here, you’ll find the design files you need to seamlessly incorporate a Bevi machine into any commercial location.


Technical Downloads

The below files are intended to help you ensure that your new space is designed to accommodate the installation and easy maintenance of any Bevi water dispenser.


The Standup 2.0

[20 MB • Download] Standup 2.0 – Revit Model – R1.rvt

[20 MB • Download] Standup 2.0 – STEP Model – R1.STEP

The Standup 1.5

[20 MB • Download] Standup 1.0-1.5 – STEP Model.zip

[6 MB • Download] Standup 1.0-1.5 REVIT Model.rfa

The Countertop

[3 MB • Download] Countertop_bevi_REVIT.zip

[4 MB • Download] Countertop_bevi_STEP.zip


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Cut your costs

Bevi typically costs less than half of what you’d pay for canned and bottled water.

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Healthy, natural flavors

Natural flavors made from real fruit essence. Enhancements like caffeine and immunity, too.

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So far we’ve saved the planet from over 450 million bottles, and counting.