Bevi’s 2024 Environmental Sustainability Report

How big is the plastic pollution problem? The amount of plastic waste dumped into our oceans each year is estimated to exceed 14 million tons, with 12% being plastic bottles. That’s not hard to believe, considering billions of plastic bottles and containers are produced each year for water alone, and less than 30% of those containers will ever be recycled. The hard part to believe—or live with—is that single-use containers for beverages are largely unnecessary in the U.S.

Unbottling the beverage industry

  • By enabling people to purify the water available to them on tap and easily add flavors and enhancements, we can eliminate the pollution and human health risks associated with single-use plastic containers and microplastics.
  • The problem is that the process of modifying and flavoring tap water is burdensome and expensive, especially when compared to the convenience of grabbing a single-use bottle.
  • That’s where Bevi comes in; our Smart Water Coolers® have already collectively saved over 500 million bottles and cans – and our customers are on-pace to save one billion single-use containers by 2025.

Download our report to learn more. Bevi machines are built to work in every kind of commercial space: offices, warehouses, gyms, hotels, hospitals, residential buildings, restaurants, and distribution centers. Wherever single-use beverages are frequently consumed, there’s an opportunity for Bevi to deliver refreshing and filtered beverages on-demand—and help companies reduce their carbon footprint.


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