Touch less, hydrate more

We’ve put all the functionality and control of your Bevi touchless water dispenser right in your hands. Customize your beverage, check your environmental impact, and view nutrition info right from your phone.

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How touchless works


1. Scan

Scan QR code on the Bevi touchscreen with your phone’s camera or QR reader app


2. Dispense

Dispense your drink as you would using the Bevi touchscreen


3. Enjoy

Grab your beverage and Hydrate Happy™

Ready to go touchless?

You’ll need to make sure your Bevi office water cooler is connected to the internet. If it’s not, no problem. Let us know at support@bevi.co and we’ll get you hooked up.


Then, follow these simple steps:


Go to the Ingredients page using the Bevi Touchscreen
Slide the Touchless toggle switch to the right to turn Touchless ON
And if you ever want to turn Touchless OFF, slide toggle switch to the left

Touchless FAQ

Yes, this feature is available on all Bevi machines.

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