it works

It’s super easy

Bevi might sound like a robot from the future, but it’s here, now and easy to use. Really. So easy, you can work it in three simple steps. Bevi, set, go…


Place your cup, bottle, mug, boot, bucket, or whatever else you want to drink from right inside the nook.

How it works 2


Choose if you want your water sparkling or still. Then choose how much flavor you’d like (mild, medium, or more). You can also keep your water plain.



Press and hold the flavor of your choice, and pour away. (Then drink it, of course. That’s the best part.)

Technical specifications

  • Water supply 3/8" outer diameter water line
  • Power supply Standard 3-prong electrical outlet, US 110V-120V
  • Dimensions 22” wide x 22” deep x 61” tall
  • Fill station dimensions 9” wide x 13” tall x 3” deep
  • Weight 220lbs
  • Connectivity 2.4GHz wireless network; 802.11 b/g/n compatible
  • The specs

    Want to learn more about how it’ll fit into your workplace? You’ve come to the right place.

  • Care document

    Taking care of your Bevi is pretty simple. Especially when you’ve got this handy maintenance sheet.

  • The flavors

    By now, you’re probably wondering what it tastes like. Well, that depends on the flavor. And there are quite a few — both naturally sweetened and unsweetened.