Flavor Wars, Return-to-Office Trends, and Top Hydration Spots: Insights from Bevi Dispense Data


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Did you know your smart water cooler can do much more than dispense still or sparkling water? 

Thanks to the thousands of internet-enabled Bevi machines installed across North America, we’re able to provide some compelling insights into popular flavor combinations, return-to-office habits, and even regional dispense trends. Here’s what we’ve discovered as we close in on the first quarter of 2023:

Peach Mango is winning the 2023 flavor wars with 13% of total flavor dispenses

In past years, Lemon has claimed the number one spot for most popular Bevi flavor, and for good reason. Water with lemon has been a beverage staple for decades. A quick Google search for lemon water yields millions of results ranging from wellness websites touting its health benefits to videos of influencers integrating this two-ingredient beverage into their daily routines. 

So, how did Peach Mango steal first place? It’s hard to tell, as both of these popular flavors are currently neck-in-neck for the top spot. One thing is for certain though, people seem to love the two all-star fruits that make up this cherished Bevi flavor. The combination of mellow peach with tropical mango is everything you need to dream of a beach getaway without leaving your office. 

Will Peach Mango keep the number one spot for the rest of 2023? Or will another flavor rise through the ranks? Only time (and our dispense data) will tell. 

In our 2023 Predictions blog post, we emphasized future workplace trends, including which days hybrid employees are heading to the office. Based on our recent dispense data, we can confirm that many businesses and employees consider Tuesday a favorite in-office day, with 24% of total Bevi dispenses occurring on this particular weekday.

So why are Tuesdays popular in-office days for hybrid employees? 

For starters, not many people choose to come to the office on Mondays or Fridays. According to Kastle Systems, a company that provides building security services, only 30% of employees enter their company’s office on Mondays. LAZ parking has experienced similar numbers, with parking demand being much lower on Mondays and Fridays. 

Additionally, some individuals consider this a culture shift. If more employees decide to come into the office on Tuesdays, more will follow as it leads to more in-person collaboration between coworkers, the ability to complete more synchronous tasks, and a greater sense of community amongst teams. 

Since our rollout of flavor and enhancement mixing in September 2022, we’ve been awfully curious about flavor combination trends. When we analyzed our dispense data, one trend did stick out: 

When present within a Standup 2.0 machine, our Immunity enhancement appears in 11 out of our 12 most popular flavor combinations. 

So, why is that the case? 

To begin with, our Immunity enhancement is clear and flavorless, so it’s easy to add it to any beverage without compromising the taste of our flavors. Plus, with the majority of North America still in the midst of cold and flu season, it’s not surprising that more Bevi users are reaching for a quick vitamin and mineral boost with their glass of water. 

Still deciding if Immunity is a good addition to your Bevi machine? Check out this blog post where we talk more in-depth about the immune-boosting ingredients that make up this popular Bevi offering. 

The Southeast region of the United States can’t get enough of Bevi

With 14% of total dispenses as of March 2nd, 2023, the Southeast region of the United States has been hydrating with Bevi the most this year, with the Mid-Atlantic region right on its heels. 

But has the Southeast always been the hot hydration spot it currently is? Not quite. 

Turns out that pre-pandemic, the Southeast was actually the region that accounted for the fewest number of dispenses. Yet every year since 2019, dispenses there have steadily risen, now to the point that it’s beating out perennial winners in the Northeast and Great Lakes. Now the question is: can it keep the top spot? And if so, will we see a corresponding spike in this region’s return to the office? Stay tuned.

As we look towards the warm spring weather and the return-to-office dynamic continues to evolve, we’ll be eagerly analyzing our dispense data in hopes of spotting other trends. 

Are there other insights you’d like us to cover in the future? Please share your thoughts with us over on our LinkedIn!

*Bevi dispense data as of 3/2/2023


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