3 Ways to Become the Office Your Employees Want to Return To


Ryan Daly

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May 1, 2024. The pandemic upended the notion of the traditional workplace. Despite pushback from employees, 90% of companies that have or plan to have a physical footprint expect to implement return-to-office (RTO) policies by the end of 2024. As of August 2023, 51% of companies had a return-to-office policy.

Here are a few ideas for easing that transition.

Compared to pre-pandemic times, renewal rates for office leases have fallen by 41%, while new leases and relocations are down only 21%.

Class A and A+ office buildings are in greater demand than their Class B and C counterparts—and they can command a 50% and 94% premium, respectively.

When asked whether their company has or plans to have a physical footprint…

“Investments in the physical office space are an important part of a broader hybrid strategy.”

Sean Grundy, CEO, Bevi

43% of office workplaces have effective spaces and offer a great occupant experience, while 33% do neither. Employees in workplaces with both are more engaged and committed and have better team relationships and a sense of belonging.

Six in 10 corporate real estate professionals plan to redesign their offices to be more fluid and flexible. Among those who did renovate…

IoT solutions that monitor space usage and occupancy rates can reduce energy consumption by 30 to 40%.

“Employees are significantly less resistant to a top-down return-to-office push if the physical office space is welcoming, comfortable, and productive.”

Sean Grundy, CEO, Bevi

Workspaces with a window-to-wall ratio of 60% are optimal for worker performance.

Leading companies seeking new real estate look for buildings with an average of 14 amenities and upwards of 18. Among the most sought-after amenities are…

The perks that matter most to workers are:

Going into the office costs each work an average of $51 per day. That’s $14 for commuting and $8 for parking, $13 for breakfast and a coffee as well as $16 for lunch. Meals and snacks and beverage options, natural light, and inviting collaborative spaces are all levers that help encourage employees to come in and see the value in cross-functional engagement rather than just working remotely.

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Ryan Daly

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