8 Ways to Stay Healthy and Motivated at the Office


Jeff Gapinski

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Stay on top of your game at work with these 8 actionable ideas for boosting productivity.

Get there on time.

It’s true: some of us were not made to rise before the sun. And that’s ok. You don’t have to be the first person in the office in order to have a productive day. Rather than striving to beat that one person who comes in at 6:00am everyday, establish your own target time and stick to it. Work life balance is important, so if you’re a night owl by nature, it’s not worth getting to work before you brain turns on in the morning.

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Know the noise-level of your work environment and plan accordingly.

Whether you work in an open plan office or you’ve got a cube all to yourself, the setting in which you work can have a negative impact on your focus if you don’t plan accordingly. For example, if ambient noise helps you concentrate, it’s okay to leave your headphones at home.

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On the other hand, if you tend to be easily distracted by conversations across the room, be sure to always have a pair of headphones at work so you’re able to stay focused.

Keep yourself hydrated.

It’s a no-brainer: staying hydrated at the office is critical to keeping yourself ready and motivated for the next big project. While the amount of water needed to stay fully hydrated varies from person to person, most people need about 8 to 13 cups a day.

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Especially for folks who don’t enjoy plain water or religiously hide diet coke under their desk, this may seem like a daunting amount of water to drink. That’s why more and more companies are investing in the health and hydration of their employees by making sparkling and zero-calorie flavored water available in the workplace.

Bevi standup water cooler

Rather than burdening the office manager with the task of restocking the fridge with canned drinks, many companies opt for the Bevi smart water cooler. Dispensing four flavors of still and sparkling water in addition to plain water, Bevi is the perfect all-in-one beverage solution that will keep everyone in the office hydrated, healthy, and productive.

Pick a designated day for team lunches.

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Team lunch is both a great bonding activity as well as brainstorming opportunity. Weekly one-on-ones with your manager are common, but when’s the last time you just generally checked in with a coworker to see how they were doing? Find a day when everyone on your team is available, order some Indian food, and get bonding!

Find a workout buddy to help keep you accountable.

We all know that we should be more active, but it’s hard to break old habits and prioritize exercising after or before a long day of work. Find a person or small group of people and hold each other accountable by setting up times to meet at the gym. At the Bevi office, we even started a slack channel where folks can make plans to meet-up to workout together, share their favorite work-out activities (climbing and bowling are company favorites), or simply seek encouragement from other colleagues.

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Whether we are cognizant of it or not, our productivity and success at work is related to what we do while we are not at work. Even a 20 minute jog after work or an early morning yoga session on your living room floor can make a big difference in helping you feel alert, productive and energized in the office.

Surround yourself with healthy snack options.

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There’s nothing wrong with enjoying the occasional birthday cookies your co-worker’s mom sent to the office. However, try your best to make healthy snacks the norm.

Here at the Bevi office, we are lucky enough to get a bi-weekly delivery from both SnackNation and The Fruit Guys. With everything from vegan protein bars to fresh pomegranates, these services make it easy to pick a healthy, filling snack that will help get you through the workday.

If your company does not provide snacks for the office, be sure to stock your desk drawers with yummy, nutrient-rich snacks such as trail mix, dried fruit, and protein bars that will keep you away from the vending machine.

Schedule 1:1 walking meetings.

walking meetings

There are many reasons to love walking meetings. Not only are they a great way to take a break from sitting, they can also help boost creative thinking. In a recent study conducted by Stanford University, researchers found that walking helped participants produce twice as many creative ideas as compared to when they were sitting. Beyond getting a brainstorming boost, taking a walk is a simple way to break up the day and have a change of scenery. Even if the weather outside makes an outdoor stroll impossible, a simple lap inside your office building will do the trick.

Prioritize getting rest.

prioritize getting rest

At the end of the day, being well rested is the best way to make sure you’re ready to power through your to-do list at work. While the amount may vary from person to person, most health organizations recommend anywhere from 7 to 9 hours of sleep for people over the age of 18. Don’t be afraid to go out and celebrate big wins with co-workers after work, but be sure to be in bed on time so be just as productive the next day.

Looking for more ways to stay happy and healthy at the office? Meet Bevi, the smart water cooler with customizable pours of still, sparkling, and flavored water.

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Jeff Gapinski

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