How to Make a Piña Colada with Bevi


Bevi staff

Two pineapple halves with a drinking straw in each

With just 10 calories, this non-alcoholic Bevi Piña Colada recipe takes less than a minute to make. All you need is Bevi’s Coconut and Pineapple flavors in your machine.

1. Fill half your reusable bottle or glass with still or sparkling Coconut.

2. Fill the remaining space with still or sparkling Pineapple.

3. If Lime Mint is also available, top off your bottle or glass with a splash of citrusy goodness.

Bevi's Pina Colada Recipe

That’s all it takes to escape to someplace tropical!

Best of all, our piña colada isn’t bogged down with all the sugar found in juices and other cocktail mixes. With 20 calories per serving, our organically sweetened Pineapple flavor provides all the tropical sensation, without the sugar rush of guilt. To learn more about juice’s best kept secret (hint: sugar), check out our blog post Juicy Gossip.

Ready to reach piña nirvana?

Reach out to your Bevi representative today to try Bevi’s newest flavor, Pineapple!


Bevi staff

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