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Bevi is on a mission to make the beverage industry more sustainable. That means eliminating single-use bottles and cans—from offices, residential spaces, gyms, hotels, warehouses, and various other commercial spaces—with machines that dispense still, sparkling, and flavored water on-demand. It means building these machines to last, engineering them to be efficient and easy to service for years to come. And it means building a circular supply chain for these machines, guaranteeing older, returned models of Bevi’s water dispensers can be evaluated and refurbished before finding a new home.

Why get a refurbished Bevi water dispenser?

1. Reduced Price Point

Refurbished Bevi machines come at a lower cost than our newer models, meaning you can enjoy still and sparkling water with four different flavors and enhancements—which help make hydration more fun and rewarding—at a more affordable price.

2. Consistent Quality

Each water dispenser in the refurbishment process goes through rigorous quality checks and meticulous testing to adhere to certification standards. While some units have very minor cosmetic blemishes, we see it as a sign of time well spent in the field reducing the need for single-use containers. (And they work just as well as newer, spotless models.)

3. Standard Warranty

Bevi offers its customers the same warranty provided for a brand new machine, assuring a reliable and safe experience with our refurbished water dispensers.

4. Same Fizz, Flavors, Fun

Even though they’re older models, refurbished Bevi water dispensers can still be loaded with the newest flavor and enhancement releases, always making hydration fresh and enjoyable. Our flavor lab recently released the (wildly popular) Blood Orange, and updated recipes for some of classics, including Lemon and Grapefruit—all of which can be stocked in a refurbished machine.

5. Same Reduction In Your Carbon Footprint

Choosing a refurbished Bevi water dispenser doesn’t mean your environmental impact will be any less. Each machine we produce can save 50,000+ bottles and cans per year (measured in 12-ounce servings). Moreover, the user interface on refurbished models is similar to newer models, featuring a real-time counter showing the number of single-use containers saved, along with its equivalent metric tons of CO2 reduced.

Why give water dispensers a second life?

Bevi’s founders knew from day one that they did not want to discard used machines. Adding trash to landfill was about as far from their goal as you could get. But they didn’t know how they would extend the lives of the returned machines, so they stored them—for nine years—in anticipation of one day launching a refurbishment program. 

The launch timing depended on several factors: having enough returned machines, a growing customer interest in refurbished products, and the company’s readiness to invest in refurbishment. (Sustainability needs to be financially viable, not just morally right, to work.)

During the pandemic, as businesses faced closures and remote work mandates, Bevi saw an unexpected surge in returned machines. These machines were often in excellent condition, providing an ample supply for a refurbishment program.

Simultaneously, Bevi was witnessing an increasing number of customers seeking cost-effective solutions due to post-pandemic financial considerations and the rise of mission-driven organizations interested in refurbished options.

Two years ago, with the bubbles aligning, the refurbishment program was launched. By offering customers a lower-cost alternative through remanufactured machines, Bevi not only underscores its commitment to the environment but also empowers consumers to be part of the circular economy movement.

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Bevi staff

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