10 Simple Ways Your Office Can Help the Environment This Earth Day (or Any Day!)


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Happy Earth Day from Bevi

Earth Day is coming up on April 22nd, and every year it’s a good reminder to reflect on the ways your office can help the environment. At Bevi, it’s not just about the plastic we save with our smart water dispensers. It’s about all the ways we recycle and reuse and approach things with a lens of sustainability. 

As you get resituated in your office, take this opportunity to evaluate your environmental impact and see if any of our methods inspire you. Here are 10 simple ways to get started.

Reduce everyday plastic use

One of our favorite ways to reduce plastic use is with reusable water bottles. Why not welcome back your team with a sustainable gift like this? Another way to reduce plastic dependency is to implement reusable bags, containers, and cutlery where you’ve previously used plastic.

Volunteer outside

As the weather improves, what better way to spend time with coworkers and enjoy the sunshine than by cleaning up a park or a beach in your community? Cutting down on waste is the ultimate goal, but we still need to keep our green spaces and waterways clear of the waste we’ve already created.

Incentivize sustainable commuting

Another benefit of temperate weather is the ability to commute to the office on foot or bike. If it’s a bit far to your office for either of those methods, consider subsidizing public transportation passes or setting up carpools among colleagues.

Support your local farmers

Instead of ordering online or shopping at a national grocery chain, get to know your local fruit and vegetable options. Shopping locally is a great way to lessen your climate footprint as it eliminates emissions associated with transportation.

If you want to make your shopping even greener, some of the most sustainably-farmed food includes beans, lentils, and vegetables like broccoli or green peas. 

Buy in bulk

There are some office snacks that you can’t get at the local farmer’s market, but you can still obtain them in a sustainable way. Buy in bulk or at a package-free store where you can bring your own reusable containers and cut down on unnecessary single-use packaging.

Reduce energy consumption in the office

It might not seem like a big deal, but computers and other appliances use energy even while they’re idle. Unplug after work and before leaving for the weekend to cut off these energy vampires. Another way to reduce energy consumption in the office is by opening window shades to allow natural light to illuminate your workspace. 

Invest in eco-friendly cleaning supplies

Spring cleaning is a great way to bring fresh new energy to the office, but it can also create a lot of waste. Between paper towels, plastic bottles, and chemicals that need to be handled carefully, it’s not always an environmentally-friendly endeavor. 

It doesn’t have to be that way, though. There are now alternatives for most of the classic cleaning supplies you keep under the kitchen sink. In EcoWatch’s friendliest cleaning supplies of 2022, they offer suggestions for multi-purpose cleaners, glass cleaners, dish soaps, and even reusable “paper” towels.  

Transition to a bottleless water dispenser

Join over 4,000 companies that have installed a Bevi water dispenser and helped save over 250 million plastic water bottles. Our new Standup 2.0 lets you choose still or sparkling water, mix multiple flavors, and top off any drink with an enhancement like electrolytes or caffeine. Hydrating happily has never been easier.

Optimize your recycling program

With plastic production expected to triple by 2050 and over 50 billion plastic bottles already sold each year, one of the most important ways you can help the environment today is by making sure you’re recycling the right way at work. Here are some easy ways to supercharge your office recycling program:

  • Anywhere you have a trash can, add a recycling bin.
  • Pay attention to the numbers on the plastic items you’re considering recycling. Generally, the higher the number, the less recyclable it is, but it can vary from city to city. 
  • Donate or recycle old electronics. For e-waste that requires special drop-off, send a calendar invite to remind the office that you’ll collect and properly dispose of these items once every quarter or so.

Set up a composting program

The benefits of composting include reducing food waste, cutting methane emissions, improving soil health, conserving water, and creating natural fertilizer. To get started at your office, make a plan for storage and collection, find out what can and can’t be composted, and educate your coworkers on the benefits of keeping organic materials out of the landfill. For more frequently asked questions and information about setting up a compost program at work, check out our blog post How to compost at work.

How will you help the environment this Earth Day?

Sustainability is a daily practice that compounds over time, and what better day to start helping the environment than Earth Day? We’d love to hear how your office is celebrating. Get in touch on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn


Bevi staff

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