Bevi Versus Bottles: Why Smart Water Coolers Are More Sustainable


Jeff Gapinski


Spoiler alert: it’s no contest! But we’re not just talking about the natural flavors and ease of use. Bevi isn’t just a product; it’s a mission to unbottle the future, and we’re proud to share that we’re doing just that.

By connecting our sustainable water dispensers directly to existing water lines, we’re able to cut out plastic, save energy, and keep precious resources in the ground while keeping toxic byproducts out of the atmosphere. 

But we’re not doing this alone. To date, Bevi customers have saved over 230 million plastic bottles. To give you an idea of just how huge that number is, if you stacked all of the plastic bottles our customers save each year, end-to-end, it would be as long as nearly 10 trips cross country from Boston to San Francisco!

With numbers like that, it’s obvious to us why Bevi water coolers are definitely a smarter way to hydrate than bottles, but read on for some more data to back up our case, and start imagining where you’ll be putting your new smart water dispenser!

The problem with plastic bottles

Globally, more than a million plastic bottles are sold every minute. While most are theoretically recyclable, only about 30% actually end up being repurposed in some form. The bottles that end up in a landfill? Those can take 450 years to biodegrade. If they don’t make it to the landfill, there’s a good chance they’re polluting our waterways. The amount of plastic waste dumped into our oceans is estimated to exceed 8 million tons each year.

And it’s not just that these bottles stick around for a long time once they’re produced. The actual production is just as environmentally costly. Making a 16-ounce bottle of water takes 1.4 gallons of water and enough oil to fill a quarter of that bottle. Then, getting that bottle from the factory to your fridge releases 62 grams of carbon dioxide into the air. All in all, the annual carbon footprint of bottled water is equal to that of 5 million cars.

While they may seem convenient at the time you reach for them, bottled water’s hidden cost is unsustainable. That’s why we started Bevi and why each and every sustainable water dispenser that we’re able to place in a new office is a win for everyone and our environment.

Bevi’s water cooler solutions

The obvious difference between Bevi’s bottleless water dispenser and the common bottle of water is the lack of plastic. As previously mentioned, the low rate of recycling, the resources needed to make it, and the lengthy amount of time for it to biodegrade all make getting rid of plastic bottles in offices and other commercial spaces a no-brainer. 

To that end, just one Bevi bottleless water cooler can save over 30,000 bottles and cans in a year. Multiply that by the oil that stays in the ground, the carbon dioxide that isn’t released into the atmosphere, and the energy that doesn’t leave the grid, and you can see how much more sustainable a water dispenser is than plastic bottles.

But the benefits of a bottleless water cooler go much farther. Our eco-friendly solutions are sustainable in every way. For example, one Bevi flavor package yields up to 400 12 oz. drinks using the same amount of plastic as just 2 bottles. The boxes that house our flavor bags are made from 100% renewable and recyclable corrugated fibers. Our CO2 tanks are refillable and reusable. Most importantly, we get our water straight from the tap, using 2,000 times less energy than it takes to produce a bottle of water.

What’s the catch?

We like to think of our water dispensers as not only more sustainable but also a smarter way to hydrate. In addition to being better for the planet, your employees can make custom drinks using natural extracts and no artificial ingredients, enjoy flavors with caffeine and electrolytes for an extra boost, and rally around the real-time counter that shows how many bottles your office is saving.

We know what you’re thinking—that’s a lot of good news. Bevi beats bottles in a landslide. There must be a catch. But there really isn’t. Even if we’re just comparing the bottom line, you might think a sustainable water source would cost more. On average, with Bevi, one 12 ounce beverage costs between $0.12 – $0.28. The average 16.9-ounce bottle of water? More than twice that!

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Jeff Gapinski

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