How DHL Supply Chain Keeps Employees Hydrated and Productive


Bevi staff


DHL Supply Chain ensures millions of deliveries reach customers. What keeps them going? Part of it’s the perks they all love—especially the ones that bring them together and keep them healthy.

The Challenge: How do you promote collaboration (and health) in the office?

  • To foster a more engaging and connected office experience, DHL is introducing new perks and benefits for its employees, including upgraded water dispensers across five corporate offices that makes it easier (and more fun) for office staff to stay hydrated throughout the day.
  • Christine Stroup, DHL’s assistant facilities manager, often heard from many of the 900 employees in her office that they rarely drank water—sometimes only a single cup.
  • Keeping employees curious, motivated, and connected begins with keeping them healthy. And most doctors (good ones, anyway) would recommend starting with drinking more water!

The Fix: Bringing back water cooler talk (with custom, good-for-you options)

  • After installing a Bevi machine, the first thing Christine noticed was how many employees were coming from all over the large, four-story office to use it—and how consistently they were coming back throughout the day. “All different departments spend time together at the Bevi,” she says.
  • Individual excitement for crafting the perfect beverage for any time of day, mixing and matching flavors, enhancements, temperatures, and bubbles, became ongoing conversation and collaboration.
  • It’s not only building a tighter-knit community, but also healthier habits, creating a positive feedback loop. Christine notes that people are now “getting up and taking breaks, taking little walks, chatting with people they don’t know,” all because of the Bevi machine.
  • “It’s really helped people in our building get to know each other that wouldn’t normally interact or cross paths,” she says.

The Victory Dance: Quality choices are what count

  • It may seem like just water, but with the array of quality combinations Bevi offers, there’s something new to try every day. “It’s water, but it’s impactful,” Christine says. “It can be exactly how you want it to be.”
  • Christine’s latest discovery? Their Bevi machine dispenses hotter water than the kitchen’s coffee machine. “I’ve started putting hot lemon water [from the machine] in my tea,” she shares. “It tastes delicious.”

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Bevi staff

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