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Bevi Key Lime Punch

Bevi’s newest flavor, Key Lime, is here just in time for holiday party season. Wondering what you should serve at an upcoming all-office gathering? Check out this simple yet tasty key lime holiday punch featuring Bevi’s Key Lime flavored water!

Key Lime Holiday Punch

Key Lime Punch by Bevi

Yield: 12 servings

Ingredient Suggestions:

8 cups of the juice or fruit punch of your choice

Recommended juices are: apple, cherry, cranberry, any tropical fruit, or a combination of the above

Recommended punches: Crystal Light or Hawaiian Punch

4 cups of Bevi’s Sparkling Key Lime water

If you’re more of a spiked-punch kind of office:

For fruit punch, cherry, or cranberry juice, add 1 cup of vodka for every 8 cups of juice.

For apple or tropical fruit juice, add 1 cup of rum per 8 cups of juice.

Optional garnishes:

A few sprigs of mint

Lime slices


1. Grab a punch bowl or pitcher, follow the instructions on your choice of punch mix and make 8 cups of punch. (We are big fans of reducing plastic waste, which is why we opted for the mix rather than purchasing a liter of punch from the supermarket.) If using juice, measure out 8 cups total.

2. Next, if you’re spiking your punch, add in the alcohol of your choiceeither vodka or rum depending on the juice or punch you have selected.

3. Top off the punch bowl or pitcher with 4 cups of Bevi’s Sparkling Key Lime.  

4. If desired, garnish with mint leaves and/or lime slices. Enjoy!

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Bevi staff

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