Sipping on Sunshine: 3 Watermelon Drinks to Enjoy at the Office


Jeff Gapinski

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Take your office happy hour to a new level with basil infusions, watermelon mojitos, and more!

Last June, summer came a little early for Bevi users with the announcement of Bevi’s newest flavor, Watermelon!

watermelon's vacation

We wanted to give Watermelon a bold, sparkling welcome to the Bevi flavor family by devoting an entire blog post to watermelon-inspired drinks. From basil infusions to fruity cocktails, these recipes are easy enough to make in an office kitchen. Office Manager tested, Bevi approved.

Share a sip of sunshine with your workplace: here are 3 recipes that will have the whole office dreaming of that warm, summer sun!

It’s Thirsty Thursday! Sip on this Watermelon Mojito

You don’t need a degree in mixology to put on the best Office Happy Hour your co-workers have ever seen.

All it takes is a little planning, a few extra ingredients, and of course, Bevi’s sparkling flavored water.

Here to show you how it’s done is our superstar Office Manager — and first-ever host of Thirsty Thursday — Claire!

If you don’t have access to a blender in your office kitchen, feel free to improvise! Instead of pureeing the fruit entirely, you can also cut up small chunks or simply mash the watermelon with a fork or spoon for a more textured mojito.

Here’s the full recipe:

2 shots of rum

1/2 shot (or less!) of simple syrup

1/2 shot of lime juice

2–3 small slices of watermelon

Crushed ice

Mint — to muddle and for garnish

Bevi’s Sparkling Watermelon Water

Check out Claire’s tutorial to learn how to this magical mojito is made!

The Afternoon Pick-Me-Up: Infused Basil-Watermelon Water

basil for watermelon basil infusion bevi

Don’t let the 3pm blues get you down: give your tastebuds — and your productivity — a healthy wake-up call with a simple basil infusion!

Here’s what you’ll need to do:

1. Buy, grow or forage some basil. (If you can’t find any basil, mint is a refreshing great alternative.)

2. Shred, slice or mash the basil leaves and put them in your reusable bottle.

3. Find your friendly, neighborhood Bevi and fill your bottle with Bevi’s Still or Sparkling Watermelon-flavored water.

4. Let the basil steep in your bottle for about an hour, either on your desk or in the office fridge. If you’re doing an infusion with sparkling water, we recommend you enjoy your drink sooner than later, so it won’t lose it’s carbonation.

Like Bevi’s zero-calorie flavors, infusions are a simple, refreshing way to motivate yourself to stay hydrated throughout the day. With a combo this mouthwatering, you won’t even realize you’re crushing your hydration goals.

Let’s Get Tropical! Watermelon-Coconut Still Water

Watermelon's Florida Vacation Bevi

For this recipe, you won’t need any additional ingredients. Simply grab your reusable bottle, head over to the office Bevi, and you’ll be transported straight to a sandy beach in Florida Keys!

Here’s the quick-and-easy recipe:

1. Fill half of your reusable bottle with Bevi’s Still Coconut Water.

2. Fill the remainder of your bottle with Bevi’s Still Watermelon Water.

Katie, the Field Marketing Manager at Bevi, swears by this combo. As someone who prefers still to sparkling, Katie highly recommends this tropical duo to anyone looking for a hydration boost, minus the bubbles.

Like Watermelon, Bevi’s Coconut flavor is the perfect addition to any tropical spritzer — alcoholic or virgin.

Think Coconut should make a cameo at your next Happy Hour? Check out our recipe for a Sparkling Coconut Lime Mojito or this simple Bevi-inspired Piña Colada!

Sparkling coconut lime Bevi

Whether you’re looking for a mouthwatering accompaniment to an afternoon snack or getting the weekend started early at the office happy hour, Bevi’s Watermelon-flavored water is the perfect way to ring in the summer season.

And if you haven’t had the chance, check out this quick recap of Watermelon’s recent vacation to Florida.


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