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How the Bevi hydration station brought pure water and healthy flavors to the MIT VMS office


Venture Mentoring Service (VMS) at MIT provides free confidential entrepreneurial mentoring services for any and all MIT students. While their office is small, Haley, the Operations Manager at VMS, says that they have plenty of mentors and mentees passing through every day for meetings, making it difficult to predict how how often the hydration station should be stocked on a given day.

Before getting Bevi, VMS used a water jug delivery service, which Haley called “a nightmare.” It was a hassle to constantly replace the plastic water jugs and impossible to predict the supply and demand; often, their space was left without filtered drinking water.

In contrast, she said, “Bevi was a dream come true.” Because Bevi connects to a water line and filters tap water, VMS is never left without purified drinking water. Compared to the labor-intensive alternative, Bevi, a bottleless water dispenser, was a no brainer—the ability to dispense healthy flavored drinks and carbonated water made the decision even easier.

The Bevi water cooler in their hallway quickly became a hotspot for students and university staff in the area: students in the classroom next door come to fill up their reusable bottles, while gym goers make the trip from a separate floor just to get a pour of Bevi’s healthy drinks. One MIT policeman even carries his bike up the stairs to fill up at the bottleless hydration station.

Haley often overhears the students praising the hydration station: “This is the best thing ever; I wish I could have it in my dorm.” And students especially love the health aspect of the natural, fruit flavored beverages. “They feel good about what they’re drinking and it’s much better than a soda machine.”

Another one of Operations Manager Haley’s favorite things about the Bevi hydration station is the remote tracking of consumable levels and the proactive servicing. Since Bevi is internet-connected, Bevi technicians are able to replace water filters and flavors before they run out. “It’s one less thing for us to have to worry about.”

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Bevi staff

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