Helping Akamai Achieve Their ESG Targets

Akamai Technologies, a global leader in cloud computing and content delivery, was looking for a way to keep employees happy without the waste.

The Challenge: Balancing decarbonization goals & in-office experiences

  • As Akamai works towards its ambitious sustainability goals — net-zero and 100% renewable energy by 2023 — it’s finding ways to make its offices more eco-friendly (and fun) for employees.
  • One major area of opportunity was in Akamai’s kitchen and cafeterias. Hydration options included unflavored still water and bottled beverages. Flavored sparkling water was popular; regular water coolers were rarely used.

The Fix: Upgrading to a smart water cooler

  • By introducing Bevi’s smart water coolers, Akamai eliminated single-use bottles and cans while still offering flavored, sparkling, still, and enhanced cold and hot water options for employees to choose from and customize.
  • Akamai got their first Bevi in 2015, and have now expanded to five machines across the country.

The Victory Dance: Sustainability at a glance

  • Since Bevi machines are connected to the internet, Akamai can monitor the total number of bottles and cans they save in real-time; Akamai has eliminated over 671,000 single-use containers.

Interested in a Bevi machine for your office? Get pricing here.

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