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The Dodo is an animal media startup that uses animal videos and social media content to bring attention to animal rights. (Chances are, you’ve seen a few of their viral videos on Facebook.) Just over four years old, this growing startup boasts about 50 employees and a conscientious company culture.

As an animal rights company, The Dodo is, by nature, also a very environmentally-conscious company. Their office recycles and composts as much as possible, a good portion of their  employees are vegetarian or vegan, and as a company, they try to make eco-friendly choices whenever possible. That said, the office was still producing more waste than Kristen, the office manager, would have liked, so she set out to find a way to further reduce the office’s environmental impact.


Before Bevi, The Dodo had a simple water machine. This left employees to drink their favorite type of water, sparkling water, from bottles and cans. This proved to be a huge issue for The Dodo given the size and location of their office. Located in SoHo, Manhattan, The Dodo was growing rapidly and quickly running out of storage space as a result. They only had one storage closet, and it never had enough room (or beverages) to keep up with demand!

Kristen first saw the Bevi machine when The Dodo merged with Thrillist, which has a Bevi water cooler in their office. As soon as The Dodo employees saw the hydration station, they began asking why their office didn’t have their own. Bevi was exactly what they were looking for!


As soon as The Dodo got a Bevi machine, they eliminated  all of the plastic bottles and canned beverages from their office. This positive, eco-friendly change was a huge plus for the company. Kristen loves to share how many plastic bottles the Bevi diverts from the landfill each month, and employees are always eager to know the results.

Kristen no longer has to worry about storage or beverage management either. “As an office manager, getting drinks for the office is on the bottom of my list. So I love that I never have to think about beverages or worry about the Bevi machine.” As part of Bevi’s all-in-one service the machine will alert a Bevi technician whenever the machine needs to be restocked. The Bevi service team handles everything automatically, giving Kristen more time back in her day.  

In addition, Kristen says Bevi is simply an exciting company perk. Kristen personally loves to hear employees passionately discuss the Bevi machine as they debate and taste test its flavors. As a company that hosts a lot of employee happy hours, The Dodo loves how Bevi provides healthy, customizable mixers on demand for their afterhours events.

The Bevi is completely worth it. The monthly cost is worth all the time and effort it takes to stock water bottles or sparkling water and getting mixers with happy hour.” In comparison to their previous offerings, the eco-friendly Bevi “is so much more interesting and engaging. People love being able to pick out a flavor and change it up if they want to. They definitely prefer Bevi over canned drinks. It’s so loved that if we got rid of the Bevi, there would for sure be an uprising.”

Want to learn more? Bevi is more than just a smart water cooler: learn more about our full line of Products, healthy Flavors and hassle-free Service here.

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