Zocdoc is an online and app-based medical appointment booking service that allows users to book appointments wherever and whenever. With over 350 employees in their New York City Headquarters, Office Operations Associate, Hannah, has her work cut out for her overseeing three and a half floors’ worth of office activities, events, food, culture, maintenance, and repairs.

“With a multiple-floor office, restocking office beverages every week became really difficult,” explains Hannah. Each week brought more and varied food and beverage requests—keeping up with it all became time-consuming and very costly. As a result, Hannah recalls “we would spend at least two hours a week ordering drinks, managing inventory levels, and stocking the fridge.” On top of this, Hannah and her team found themselves disposing of the office trash more frequently and spending extra time to separate the recycling from the trash.

At the same time, “Our employees knew about the environmental impact,” says Hannah, “a lot of them care and try to be environmental. For example, many already brought in their own mug for coffee.” Ultimately, Hannah and her office decided “it would be hypocritical to not approach our water consumption with the same spirit of environmentalism.”


Hannah began looking into alternative beverage solutions. She wanted to reduce the amount of time and work she would spend restocking office beverages and considered switching brands or ordering in bulk. Unfortunately, neither options could keep up with Zocdoc’s growing team.

As part of her role, Hannah often visits other companies to find out what industry leaders are offering their employees. It was during one of these visits that Hannah first saw Bevi. The still, sparkling and flavored water cooler was exactly what she had been searching for: a high volume, customizable beverage machine that would help cut beverage spending, reduce environmental impact, and completely take care of restocking office beverages.

“Bevi was a really cool and interesting perk that we could offer our employees while also tackling a number of our issues all at once once.”


From the start, Bevi was a huge hit at Zocdoc. Employees loved how many options the machine offered, as they could select exactly what kind of beverage—still, sparkling, or flavored water—they wanted on demand. After piloting one machine, Zocdoc quickly added three more Bevi machines to accommodate company growth. Hannah remarked that the office’s beverage spend is now more consistent and they have saved both time and money since adding Bevi to Zocdoc.  

Best of all, Hannah never has to keep track of the internet-connected machines: Bevi’s service technicians monitor flavor and CO2 levels remotely, so they automatically know when to come service the machines, and Hannah never has to worry about restocking office beverages again. 

In addition, Hannah explains that employees are generally making healthier choices, with soda consumption decreasing by half since the smart water coolers were installed. Bevi’s low-calorie and unsweetened flavors are keeping employees happily hydrated. The office has also seen an increase in employees that bring their own mugs and bottles to work, which has helped significantly reduce the amount of waste the office produces. Hannah and her facilities team now have a much easier time managing the office’s recycling and trash.

Hannah says she loves the data Bevi’s team can provide. She finds it extremely helpful to know which flavors employees like, and her team will often make both beverage and snack decisions based on the data. For example, Hannah saw how popular Bevi’s raspberry flavor was among employees and decided to start ordering raspberries for the office. They were an instant hit!

Want to learn more? Bevi is more than just a smart water cooler: learn more about our full line of Products, healthy Flavors and hassle-free Service here.

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