11 Things You Have Been Doing Wrong at the Office


Bevi staff


Why be the office chump when you can be the office champ? Power up your office game with these hacks!

1. Don’t wait in line to use the microwave. Share the space by boosting your bowl with a mug!

2. Use binder clips to keep your cords from tangling…

3. …or to fix a broken keyboard…

4. …or to store your headphones.

5. Stop unpacking sodas individually and take care of it in one fell swoop (or, honestly, just get a Bevi so you never have to stock a fridge again. Ever.)

6. Stop fighting with rolls of tape by sticking a paperclip on the end.

7. Who needs fancy keyboard cleaner when you have scotch tape on hand?

8. Keep those office baked goods fresh by storing a piece of bread in the container.

9. Ignore instinct and pour upside down from cartons to prevent spilling.

10. Don’t cross out your mistakes. Hide them completely with other random letters.

11. Dry your coffee cups face up to prevent a mildew smell.


Bevi staff

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