7 Health and Wellness Amenities Your Building Needs (And Your Residents Will Love)


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When searching for a place to call home, there’s a lot on residents’ minds. Monthly costs, included utilities, parking spaces, neighborhoods, and building safety just to name a few… 

Nowadays, the list doesn’t end there, as many renters cite a desire for specific amenities when apartment hunting. 

However, not all amenities are created equal. Research shows that apartment seekers will choose their future residence based on the types of amenities offered. For example, 21% of respondents in Venn’s 2022 Renters Experience Report say that the physical amenities in their apartment building play a pivotal role in whether or not they will renew their lease. We’d argue that’s a pretty good reason to ‘up the ante’ when it comes to your amenity package. 

So, what types of amenities should you be adding to your building? Well, with the work-from-home lifestyle becoming commonplace and more people prioritizing their health, the answer seems clear. Residents want apartment amenities that will benefit their physical and mental well-being. Plus, many of these amenities are great for building a community amongst neighbors, leading to happy residents and signed lease renewals.

With this in mind, let’s take a deep dive at seven health and wellness amenities you should consider adding to your building:

1. Fitness center


With the average annual gym membership cost ranging from $622 – $782, it’s no surprise that many renters are searching for apartments that include an on-site fitness center. 

Whether it’s a small gym with a few cardio machines or a large facility complete with a half-mile jogging loop and yoga studio, your residents will appreciate a space to work up a sweat without having to travel far or pay membership fees.

2. Smart water cooler


Regardless of where exactly it’s placed in your building, residents are looking for beverage stations to keep them hydrated during the day. A smart water cooler like Bevi allows users to truly customize their hydration experience through fun flavors like Peach Mango, Key Lime, and Strawberry Lemongrass. The customization doesn’t end there, though. Our new enhancement offerings allow residents to add Caffeine or Immunity to their still or sparkling water. 

Having a smart water dispenser is also a fantastic (and healthy) way to build a sense of community within your building. There is no better way to get residents talking than with 48,000 different drink combinations! Plus, you’ll be doing the planet good at the same time as one Bevi machine can displace up to 30,000 single-use bottles and cans. 

3. Outdoor space


Even if you’re not in a place where the weather is beautiful 99% of the time, getting outside can do wonders for your mood and mental health. A space to eat lunch outside, let the dogs socialize, or get some work done surrounded by nature can be a great mental reset.

The best part about offering a dedicated outdoor space as a communal amenity is that it can be personalized however you see fit. From BBQ areas to space for cornhole tournaments, you can create a peaceful oasis for all residents to enjoy.

4. Community rooftop garden


Improved property value, better resident retention, and less food waste are just a few of the amazing benefits offered by community gardens. 

Properties with a community rooftop garden can create gardening clubs, host community events, or even hold contests to boost resident satisfaction. Gardening can also reduce stress, promote better sleep, and even improve the immune system. Plus, there’s no better sense of accomplishment than growing your own food!

5. Bike-sharing


With more people foregoing their cars for bicycles, building managers should consider offering a bike-sharing program as a communal amenity, especially in major cities.

Not only will residents love having a fun way to get around town, but your building will be playing a vital role in protecting the planet. Bicycling produces zero pollution and consumes no fossil fuel, making it an environmentally-friendly mode of transportation. 

6. Dog park


Our four-legged friends also deserve some fun health and wellness amenities! It’s estimated that 23 million American households adopted a pet during the 2020 pandemic. With so many new pet owners, building managers should consider adding pet-friendly amenities if they wish to stay competitive in today’s multifamily housing market. 

Your residents will appreciate having a committed place to exercise and socialize their pup. Plus, it’s another great way to build a sense of community (they say having a dog is a great way to make friends quickly!)

7. Game room


Having a dedicated place to unwind and hang out with friends is vital to your residents’ mental health and social well-being, which is why we’ve included this particular apartment amenity.

Some fun activities to include in a community game room include ping pong, pool tables, board games, and retro arcade games. Tie the room together with an ambient electric fireplace and you have an apartment amenity your residents will keep coming back to. 

Attract and Retain Residents With These Must-Have Amenities

Though communal amenities are not necessary for managing a successful property, offering your residents a variety of unique experiences can improve retention rates and overall resident satisfaction.

Are there any health and fitness amenities you would add to our list? Let us know on our Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, or Instagram!


Bevi staff

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