Bubbly with Bevi: Raspberry Lemon Lime Moscow Mule


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Bubbly with Bevi is our new blog series featuring Guest Creative Jyoti Patel. The monthly series covers a variety of fun Happy Hour recipes you could create with the Bevi machine plus some simple ingredients.

The Moscow Mule is probably one of my favorite drinks—it’s not too sweet nor too strong. Just thinking about the combination of lime, ginger beer, and a dash of fruity flavor makes me want to kickback, relax and wish I were on an outdoor patio!

Since we can’t always head to our nearest bar after work, there’s still a way to enjoy these refreshing drinks, and with just a tad more bubbly. If you’re looking for a great work Happy Hour drink, here’s a simple and fast way to make this classic cocktail with just a few ingredients, a shaker, and the Bevi machine.


6 oz. vodka

1.5 oz. simple syrup (1 part organic sugar and 1 part water)

8 – 10 Raspberries

Ginger beer

Bevi Raspberry sparkling water

Bevi Lemon Lime sparkling water


1. In a cocktail shaker, gently muddle vodka and 4-5 raspberries.

2. Add in simple syrup (equal parts of organic sugar and water) and ice—shake vigorously.

3. Evenly strain contents of shaker into each cup. Fill cups with either ice and raspberry bits from shaker, or with clean ice.

4. Add equal parts Bevi Raspberry and Lemon Lime sparkling water, leaving room for ginger beer.

5. Top with ginger beer, and stir.

Moscow Mule Bevi Recipe

Optional: garnish with whole raspberries and lemon and/or lime wedge


Bevi staff

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