Snacks that will Keep Employees Healthy and Full while Returning to the Office


Jeff Gapinski

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Let’s face it. We’ve been stressed, our routines have been upended, and it’s possible we’ve turned to some less than healthy snacks to get us through it (I can’t be the only one who tried every Ben and Jerry’s flavor, can I?). But as we’re about to turn a corner and head back to the office, let’s leave some bad habits at home and get a fresh start wherever possible, including in the snack basket.

We’ve compiled a list of our favorite healthy office snacks, from sustainable brands to subscription snack services and even a few treats because sometimes a little sugar is the only thing that’s going to help us meet a deadline.

The Staples

Before you wade into the wild world of snacks for seemingly every palate, start with the staples. These snack groups have stood the test of time for a reason and are known for filling us up with good nutrients and lasting energy.

Fruit like bananas, apples, and a rotation of seasonal favorites make for a good replacement of sugary snacks. Likewise, veggies, dried nuts, and popcorn provide filling options that boost energy and keep you awake for that late afternoon meeting.

Thinking about offering complimentary breakfast as a perk for returning employees? Avoid donuts and other heavy pastries and try oatmeal instead. Pair with fresh fruit, nuts, and a few other custom toppings, and your team will be ready for the day.

The Brands

We’re living in a golden age of sustainable, healthy snacks. Big brands and scrappy startups alike are coming up with fun new sustainable snacks all the time, and these are just a few of the options available. Before you get back to the office, poll your team about their favorites and curate a mix with their input. Then, add one or two of these as well…

Quinn Snacks has pioneered the “Farm-to-Bag” technique to offer ultimate transparency into their popcorn. They have information on every ingredient they use so you can feel great about where your work snacks are coming from. If you like their popcorn, try the pretzels next!

Barnana is in the business of combating food waste, a cause we love! They’ve upcycled over 100 million bananas for their chips, bites, and brittle. Prefer savory instead of sweet? Try the plantain tortilla chips.

Back to Nature creates plant-based snacks including cookies like chocolate chunk and lemon wafer. Not only do plant-based cookies sound like a net positive on our waistlines, but Back to Nature has been a proud partner of The Nature Conservancy for over 12 years, working to plant more than 130,000 trees throughout the United States as a supporter of the Plant A Billion Trees Program.

The Snack Boxes

You’re going to have a lot of bases to cover as you plan your return to the office so it might be helpful to turn to an office snacks service to feed your team. 

SnackNation is a leader in this space. They create snack boxes that are “always made with healthier ingredients.” You’ll recognize name brands like RXBAR and PopCorners and you can even throw in some classics like Lay’s and Chips Ahoy! for an occasional treat.

Nature Box formulates their own products to match the health needs of your office, including options like a “Less Stress” or an “Allergen-Free” Box. Where you’d once find Doritos or Oreos, Nature Box has Pistachio Power Clusters and Elderberry Fruit Chews. 

The Fruit Guys deliver farm-fresh fruit right to your office, providing a headstart on the healthy office snacks we mentioned in the staples section. They source their fruit from independent, family-run farms when possible and you’re always able to curate the best mix for your team’s tastes.

Fit Snack lets you power up your subscription a step further with healthy snacks, fitness tools, and nutritional tips. If employees are excited about the office gym reopening as well, this could be the box for your team.

Healthy Snacks = Better Performance

We recommend starting your new and improved work snacks with staples like fruits and veggies and then exploring some of the brands and snack services we mentioned above. Snack boxes are also a great tool to set and forget while you help employees get reacquainted with office life. Then, once you get some feedback from your team, you can customize your program based on their requests and start to see the difference healthy snacks can make for your office.


Thirsty after all this snack talk? Keeping your office hydrated is just as important as healthy food options, and we know a thing or two about smarter ways to hydrate. Please reach out if we can help with any questions about a bottleless water dispenser for your office, and if you enjoyed this article, we’d love for you to share it and join the conversation on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or LinkedIn!


Jeff Gapinski

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