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When it comes to choosing an apartment, considerations like location and price range will vary for everyone, but there are some essential boxes that need to be checked no matter where you live. Limited noise is important when it comes to having a restful home environment. Reliable security also contributes to peace of mind. And hey, it doesn’t hurt to be near a grocery store, restaurant, or entertainment options that you really like.

Once these basic needs are met, it’s also important to evaluate the perks and amenities that are a cut above the basics that we’ve come to expect from any apartment complex. Extras like soundproof walls, video doorbells, and lounge space. While these examples are all great, and no one would necessarily turn them down, not every tenant will find them essential and use them every day. The one thing we do know that everyone needs and appreciates is quality water options. 

That’s why a flavored sparkling water dispenser is one apartment amenity that you might not have thought you needed, but once you have it, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it. Let’s look at why Bevi in particular is a gamechanger for your apartment building’s amenity floor or lounge.

Undeniable health benefits

A study on perks that workers want in communal spaces found that air, lighting, and water quality were the three most important factors when it comes to wellness. As more and more people begin to spend their working hours in their apartment buildings, it’s time to transfer some of the conventional wisdom of the workplace to these new hybrid living/working environments.

As the study indicates, when people are looking to improve their health, increasing water intake is often among the first steps. That’s because it flushes toxins that can prevent our bodies from mounting adequate immune responses to the bugs and viruses that can pass from neighbor to neighbor. With benefits like that, we’d all like to be drinking more water, and it’s often a matter of access and convenience that steers us toward unhealthy beverages in the vending machine.

Tech that fits in with the rest of your gadgets

It seems like every time we go to replace an older electronic device, the new models are smarter than they used to be. It’s not just phones and tablets upgrading annually. Everything from lightbulbs to thermostats are now responsive to mobile apps. 

These gadgets are no longer just nice-to-haves at home. In a National Multifamily Housing Council survey of more than 350,000 renters, 51% of renters said they wanted an apartment with an internet-enabled fridge. This amenity was preferred over traditional options like a fireplace, stacked washer and dryer, and even a fully furnished apartment.

With Bevi’s smart water dispensers, touchless technology comes standard. Any phone can access the menu via a QR code and then customize beverages, calculate environmental impact, and display nutritional info.

Hydrated people make better neighbors

People that are dehydrated are more likely to have lower energy, get irritated, and lose focus during the day. All of these factors can contribute to friction with roommates and neighbors that turn everyday conversations into arguments.

It’s not just about avoiding conflict. An amenity like a filtered water dispenser that’s shared safely can also lead to more fun and camaraderie between neighbors. Much like the water cooler in an office, a Bevi in your building leads to more opportunities to get to know your neighbors. Don’t believe us? Try adding our flavored sparkling water to your next building-wide cocktail party.

It makes your property more sustainable

As the health of the planet becomes an increasingly important matter, a lot of us made sustainable resolutions for the new year. An easy place to start is by reducing your reliance on single-use plastic bottles. Bevi users have diverted over 200 million bottles from the landfill, not to mention the resources required for labor and transportation. 

As we move toward a greener future, it’s important to keep up this momentum every time we refill a reusable bottle. This not only keeps the environment happy, but it also means less plastic for you to drag to the curb on recycling day!

Why do you need Bevi at your property?

The health, technology, and social benefits speak for themselves. So much so that we barely touched on all the delicious flavors like blackberry lime and strawberry lemongrass you can choose from with a Bevi water dispenser. Ready to find out more about that and the other benefits that come with a bottleless water dispenser in your building? Get in touch to find out more.


Bevi staff

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