Water Cooler Use Spikes During National Heat Wave


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thermometer shows a high temperature during heat wave

On July 4, most people look forward to backyard fun: barbecues, fireworks, and family time. Climate scientists, on the other hand, keep an eye on the temperature. And the Bevi team tracks water usage.

It turns out, you can learn a lot by taking a look at how much water people are drinking at their offices, gyms, apartments, hotels, and other locations with a water dispenser. This year saw both record-setting heat and a spike in water consumption.

World Has Its Hottest Day

We’re in the midst of a global heatwave. July 4 this year was the world’s hottest day, with the average worldwide temperature reaching 62.9°F, breaking the record of 62.6°F set just a day earlier. The previous highest global temperature was in mid-August 2016.

Temps during Independence week were probably the warmest in “at least 100,000 years,” Jennifer Francis, a senior scientist at Woodwell Climate Research Center, told CNN, calling the records “a huge thing.”

The record was set as heat waves crossed the country from Boston to the West Coast. In late July, more than 175 million people were under excessive heat warnings as the heat index in many places rose above 100°F.

Water Cooler Use Spikes

Americans are wisely following the recommendations of experts, who advise drinking plenty of water to stay hydrated and replace fluids lost during exposure to high temperatures.

This trend was confirmed by dispense data from our water coolers across the country. Here at Bevi, we track real-time data from our smart water coolers, including how much water was dispensed from each of our machines nationwide.

Excluding the week of July 4th—when most people were firing up the grill and avoiding water cooler talk at the office—Bevi water usage was up dramatically in July as Americans struggled through the heatwave.

In that timeframe:

  • Weekly usage spiked by 17% vs. the weekly average from March-June this year.
  • Every region of the country showed increased water usage, with spikes correlated with state temperatures.
  • The Far West led the county with usage up almost 20% over the previous quarter.
  • The Plains region had the lowest increase of just under 6%.

Here’s how it broke down:

  • Far West: 19.6%
  • South West: 17.39%
  • Rocky Mountains: 15.22%
  • Mid Atlantic: 14.3%
  • New England: 13.64%
  • South East: 11.13%
  • Great Lakes: 10.29%
  • Plains: 5.54%

2x More Water Drinkers Add Enhancements to Replenish Electrolytes

Not only were people drinking more water during the heatwave, but more were choosing to add Electrolytes, one of the enhancements available in Bevi machines, to stay hydrated.

Bevi tracks the addition of enhancements to dispensed water, including Vitamin Boost, Caffeine, and Electrolytes. Our data shows that the use of Electrolytes increased 2x in the last two weeks of July vs. the average total dispenses for the month of June.

Electrolytes include sodium, potassium, calcium, bicarbonate, magnesium, chloride, and phosphate. When dissolved in water, electrolytes help regulate nerve and muscle function, balance blood acidity and pressure, help rebuild damaged tissues—and hydrate the body.

When we sweat, we lose not only water but also electrolytes, which can lead to dehydration and an imbalance of important minerals in the body. Replenishing those lost electrolytes during or after any kind of exertion or exercise (especially during a heatwave) can help maintain proper fluid balance and support overall hydration.

Hopefully a reprieve from the blistering heat is in the forecast—but in the meantime, Bevi is here to help keep you cool. Here’s to staying healthy, happy, and hydrated this summer!

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