Workplace Amenities that Actually Matter

Getting employees back in the office is a major challenge. Modern offices must now rival the comforts of home, while sparking enhanced productivity and collaboration, to make people brave rush hour traffic and show up at their desks.

What office amenities will help drag employees out of bed and go into work? We compiled a list of 5 approaches—along with company and product recommendations—that should give you a significant ROI when it comes to RTO. These include…

  1. Carving out a unique mix of spaces. Provide your co-workers with optionality by introducing a mix of options for how they like to work, including safe havens for quiet, concentrated work and innovation hubs for collaboration.
  2. Make starting the day easy. Having a coffee machine in the office creates room for small breaks that provide a quick mental reset, without dragging workers away for too long trying to scope out the perfect café.
  3. Show you care about your employees’ wellness. More companies are investing in on-site walking tracks and yoga rooms, recognizing that short breaks for physical activity can boost mood and creativity. We’ve all had a few brilliant ideas we wouldn’t have had without a boost in dopamine!

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