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Bevi Employee Spotlight October 2019 Joe Brumaghim

Bevi Employee Spotlight October 2019 Joe Brumaghim

In October 2019’s Bevi Employee Spotlight, meet Joe Brumaghim – a Senior Software Engineer at Bevi’s Boston office. He has been part of the Bevi family for over three years.

What exactly do you do?

I am a Full-stack Software Engineer. I work on everything from open valves to implement features in our servicing dashboard. I write software in C, Java, Typescript in my day-to-day.

What are the cool projects you are working on?

One of the cool projects I am working on at work is creating automation suite and test harnesses for our new next-generation machine. Every time we make a change, we will run our machine through many tests to give us confidence in our build.

What was your experience before Bevi?

Bevi was actually my first full-time job outside of school. Before, I used to work in data centers.

What does working at Bevi mean to you?

Specifically, being a part of the environmental impact is a huge deal to me. We save countless bottles a month.

What does Diversity & Inclusion at Bevi mean to you?

Oh man, haha I honestly don’t think about it that often because it’s so great here. It’s just not a thing like it’s never been an issue, but you know, regardless of age, gender, anything, everyone is included. Especially for me, it was age, I started here when I was 19 as a software engineer.

What is your favorite flavor and customization and why?

Raspberry is my favorite flavor right now because I have always been a huge fan of it. We used to have raspberries at my parents’ place in New Hampshire and I think that’s why I like it so much. Although, most of the time I like still water though. I like it plain, personally not a sparkling guy. That also kinda goes into what I like in general for food and drinks, a super plain guy with no customization.

Passions & interests outside of the office:

I’m a big fan of longboarding as well as video games and programming on the side. I own two Z-boards and play a range of games, from Tetris 99 to Rocket League.

Author: Tommy Nguyen

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Bevi staff

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