Enhancements and Flavor Mixing Now Available on All Bevi Machines


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Banner photo with both the Standup 1.5 and Countertop Bevi machines with the caption "Introducing Enhancements and Flavor Mixing for your Bevi"

Sparkling water with Lemon and an Immunity boost? How about Peach Mango mixed with Raspberry and Electrolytes? Get ready to create your dream beverage now that flavor mixing and enhancements are available on all Bevi machines, including earlier versions of our Standup machines and the Countertop!

Here are the exciting changes you can expect with Bevi’s latest software update: 

Flavor Mixing: Gone are the days of single-flavored beverages. With this new update, users of our Countertop and early Standup models can now mix up to 3 different flavors and enhancements (remember, our Standup 2.0 allows for even more mixing combinations!) 

Enhancements: Take your water to the next level with our new line of enhancements! Electrolytes, Immunity, and Caffeine can all be coupled with any flavor installed in your machine, or added to plain sparkling or still water. 

All about enhancements

Though flavor mixing is super exciting, especially for those looking to have some fun with their water combinations (Cucumber Raspberry Grapefruit sparkling water, anyone?), we really want to shine the spotlight today on our new enhancements. 

Bevi enhancements amplify the beverage experience without any artificial ingredients, added sugar, dyes, or calories. 

Let’s take a look at each of Bevi’s three enhancement offerings in more detail:

Fuel your days with Electrolytes

Electrolytes are essential minerals that carry an electrical charge when dissolved in water. These minerals split into different ions that the body uses to balance pH and water levels, rebuild damaged tissue, and regulate muscle and nerve function. 

Some of the most common types of electrolytes include potassium, calcium, and magnesium—all minerals that we use in our Electrolyte enhancement.

Adding Electrolytes to your still or sparkling water is a great way to boost hydration, especially if you’re an athlete looking to improve your overall hydration levels. 

Even if you’re not an athlete, maintaining your electrolyte balance is essential to your overall health. This is why we carefully selected a formula that can be safely consumed all day, so feel free to sip away!

Bevi Electrolytes vs. bottled sports drinks

Most sports drinks on the market typically contain quite a bit of added sugar. For example, a 20 oz bottle of Gatorade contains a whopping 34 g of sugar. Compare that to the American Heart Association’s max recommendation of 36 g of added sugar per day for men and 25g for women, and it’s no surprise that many people find themselves far exceeding these thresholds.

Considering a glass of Bevi sparkling or still water with Electrolytes contains no added sugar, synthetic food dyes, or calories, it’s a healthier choice for those looking to limit their sugar intake. 

Plus, all of our flavors and enhancements are vegan and free of sodium, gluten, and GMOs, so you can enjoy any Bevi drink with zero guilt.

Supplement your sparkling water with Immunity

Our Immunity enhancement is packed with vitamins, minerals, and other extracts that boost your immune system and help prevent and fight colds. But, what exactly goes into this vitamin and mineral blend?

Each 12 oz serving of Immunity contains 36 mg of Vitamin C (40% DV), 3 mg of Zinc, (29% DV), Elderberry, Echinacea, and Ginger Extract. 

If you typically drink a lot of water throughout the day, you’ll be glad to know that you can’t overdo it with Immunity! Your body knows what vitamins it needs and will simply get rid of any extra. Even so, the quantities selected for this blend were chosen with all-day consumption in mind, so you can add it to any glass of water without worry.

Immunity enhancement vs. immunity-support supplements

Feel a slight tickle in your throat and concerned you might be coming down with something? Instead of sifting through your medicine cabinet for immune-support tablets and powders, try adding our Immunity enhancement to your next bottle of Bevi water. 

Our Immunity enhancement is chock-full of many of the same vitamins and minerals typically found in immune-boosting supplements, and, unlike alternatives, there’s no need to fiddle around with packets of sugary powder to get a hydrating immune-boost. Plus, you’ll be helping the environment by eliminating plastic bottles and other packaging waste. A win-win proposition if you ask us!  

Skip the second coffee with our Caffeine enhancement

Using the natural caffeine extracted from green coffee beans, our Caffeine enhancement will keep you both energized and hydrated. 

At Bevi, we have two different settings for our Caffeine enhancement: low at 45 mg per 12 oz serving, and high at 95 mg per 12 oz serving—great for a small energy boost without relying on sugary lattes, energy drinks, or shots of espresso to get you through the work day. It’s also a great option for those who aren’t fans of coffee (it is an acquired taste, after all).

Caffeine in your water vs. coffee

If you rely on multiple cups of coffee or cans of energy drinks to get you through the day, you’ll be thrilled to know that our Caffeine enhancement is a healthier alternative compared to a second or third cup of joe.

With the Bevi machine, users can control how much caffeine goes into their water (45 or 95 mg per 12 oz), whereas a typical cup of coffee contains an average of 95 mg per 8 oz. 

If you’re looking to swap out your afternoon grande Caffé Mocha from Starbucks—which comes with 35 g of sugar and 10 g of saturated fat—our Caffeine enhancement is the way to go. Your body will thank you for the extra hydration.

Do more than reduce your plastic waste; reduce your costs as well 

In addition to reducing your carbon footprint and saving about 30,000 plastic bottles a year with a Bevi machine, you can save on beverage costs, too. 

On average, a glass of water from the Bevi costs roughly $0.20 per 12 oz glass—less than half of what you’d pay for bottled, flavored, and sparkling water. 

And with enhancements, the savings keep on coming.

Users who add Electrolytes to their machine can save around $0.50 per beverage by switching from bottled sports drinks to Bevi water. Plus, Bevi users can have fun customizing their enhanced water by mixing different flavors—something none of the leading bottled brands can offer!

How to add Enhancements to your Bevi machine

Enhancements and flavor mixing will now be available for all machines.* 

If you would like to try enhancements, please request them by contacting your Bevi provider. (Don’t have a Bevi machine yet? We can help solve that problem—contact us here.)

What are your favorite Bevi combinations? We’d love to hear about them! Let us know your Bevi ‘drink of choice’ by sharing on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn

*Please note: Machines must be connected to the internet (via Wi-Fi, cellular module, or ethernet cable) to receive these new features. Please reach out to support@bevi.co with any questions.


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