5 Reasons to Go Bottleless This Summer


Ruby Sutton


April 30, 2024. If you’re in the business of manufacturing, warehousing, or logistics, you know how competitive the space is for workers these days. From factories to warehouses, distribution centers to loading docks, there are thousands of workers you’re looking to keep happy and healthy as they go about their demanding work. 

A big part of that health is keeping people hydrated and focused. Now imagine the towers of plastic bottled water and energy drinks necessary to meet their needs. We know—quenching the thirst of a large physically active workforce isn’t easy. And as the summer heat amplifies the demand for hydration, you should go with a solution that lets people hydrate their way without the plastic and aluminum waste; concerns around beverage filtration; and with clean, natural ingredients.

That’s where a bottleless solution like Bevi’s Smart Water Cooler beverage machine comes in. These machines offer cold filtered water with a wide variety of natural flavors and uplifting enhancements—electrolytes, vitamins, and caffeine—to choose from. Add carbonation if you feel like it. Mix and match multiple flavors and enhancements, pour at the touch of a button. Plus, each refill is a small victory for the planet: one less single-use bottle or can needed. 

Here are five reasons why your manufacturing, warehousing, or logistics company should seize this summer as the time to finally make the switch to a bottleless water cooler.

Something refreshing and healthy, like the sugar-free flavor options and sodium-free enhancements provided by a Bevi machine, can help boost worker health, morale, and community. 

Everyone in your warehouse, manufacturing plant, or distribution center is looking to hydrate and fuel up for the long day, and a Bevi machine offers unmatched efficiency. When facing a long day of transit or manual labor, it’s the secret elixir for sustained energy. 

Drivers have told us that filling up their personal, reusable bottles with filtered water from a Bevi machine—topped with electrolytes and caffeine—is what gets them through the windshield miles from one location to another. And instead of heading into a gas station’s convenience store to buy an artificially-sweetened (and expensive) drink along the way, they can keep moving forward with energy and enthusiasm. What they’re left thinking about is the next time they can get back to that Bevi machine.

When your employees spend their days in motion, it can be hard to get a word in. But it’s no less important to show you care about their health and well-being, especially when your workers are physically active. The presence of a Bevi machine is more than just an appliance—it’s a statement. It’s saying “We care about you and we value your work,” without uttering a word.

Now, we know what you might be thinking. A Bevi machine may look too fancy for your employees who already have their favorite brands and flavors of old-school bottled beverages. We get it—no one wants to be the bad guy who disrupts the routine, especially in an industry where sticking to schedule is crucial. 

But the manufacturing industry is changing fast, and your employees know it. New developments in the IoT, artificial intelligence, and cloud computing are enabling manufacturing companies to optimize processes and cut costs unlike ever before, leading some experts to declare that a fourth industrial revolution is already underway. 

In this environment of rapid technological development, workers want to be with companies who show they have what it takes to make it in this competitive landscape. An eye-opening 2024 survey by Epicor found that 50% of American manufacturing workers would consider taking a pay cut in order to accept work in a more technology-driven industry. At a time when people in your industry are exploring alternate pathways, it’s more important than ever to illustrate your company’s agility.

One simple way? Getting rid of vending machines full of plastic and cans, coolers of sports drinks, or heavy five-gallon jugs, and installing an all-in-one smart water dispenser instead. Bevi will blow your employees away, offering more options for drink customization than ever before: your choice of flavors, temperature, bubbles, and enhancements so they can feel great every day on the job. Our beverage team is always hard at work coming up with new additions to this flavor portfolio— including the recent addition of blood orange—that might just help workers kick their soda and sugary energy drink habits for something healthier and still great tasting.

Intuitive to use and with a compact footprint, the Bevi machine comes in both stand-up and countertop models. Either way, its presence in the break room is a small upgrade that shows your company is thinking about the coming decades, utilizing the latest hydration technology and embracing forward-thinking values, like environmental stewardship and water filtration. It’s a small upgrade that shows your company isn’t just riding the wave of the fourth industrial revolution, but is fully prepared to surf it, all while ensuring all of your employees get to keep the fizz, fun, and flavors for the ride.

Not only does adequate hydration make you feel more clear-headed and energetic, it’s also crucial for workplace safety. Dehydration can lead to dizziness, confusion and physical exhaustion—all of which can be dangerous when spending the day on foot, operating heavy machinery. Drinking enough water is so important that the U.S. Department of Labor’s OSHA regulations require employers to provide access to water, as well as electrolyte supplementation in the summer for employees who work more than two hours. Enter Bevi: the eco-friendly way to ensure occupational safety.

Another safety perk? Smart water dispensers, like Bevi machines, eliminate the incidents caused by plastic jugs. Prone to leaks and spillage, those dispensers pose the risk of slips and can cause water damage to nearby items. Bevi machines only release water when actively used, minimizing incidents. Plus, we eliminate the back-straining ritual of replacing water jugs — your employees get enough lifting in already. 

The CDC recommends consuming water every fifteen minutes in typical weather conditions, and our needs only increase in the summer. And if you’re operating during heat waves when temperatures soar between 103 and 115 degrees, health experts recommend drinking four cups of water an hour. The forces of nature are unpredictable. With temperature fluctuations, it’s impossible to estimate what water usage will be in a given week, leading to concern about running out on hot days—that is, if you’re getting your water the outdated way. 

Rather than rely on rapidly replacing five-gallon jugs or stocking and restocking vending machines, Bevi provides water on-demand. Our Smart Water Cooler beverage machine’s Internet connection allows us to keep tabs of when your machine needs service, CO2, or flavor refills, and connect you with a local service partner, so you know you’ll always have fresh water.

When you’re in the manufacturing game, you’ve got enough on your plate without adding water and sports drink restocking to the mix. Let’s be real: dealing with traditional water delivery is a headache. Whether it’s the hassle of coordinating with multiple vendors or being ready to accept delivery, not receiving enough of the right flavored beverage, or having to manage the recycling of bottles and cans in your facility, sticking to antiquated methods is just plain draining. Why waste time and effort on unnecessary routines?

Thanks to Bevi’s remote monitoring capabilities and our team of partners across the country, our Wi-fi connected Bevi machines do all this servicing for you. We’ll handle the flow of water, changing out filters at the right times, swapping out flavors and enhancements when your supplies get low, and making sure all other hardware or software issues that may arise are proactively addressed. You can focus on your business’ future. That’s true peace of mind.

You may see a Bevi machine and think it’s a high-tech amenity reserved for high-end office spaces; but a Bevi machine is designed to fit in anywhere, and its refreshing, customizable beverages are widely-appreciated. Wherever you find a Bevi machine, you’ll find a line of people looking to stay hydrated, energized, and delighted.

As the backbone of the global supply chain, manufacturers do important work keeping resources and commerce flowing throughout the country. Unfortunately, this also results in a huge environmental footprint: the U.S. Energy Information Administration found that the manufacturing industry consumed a whopping 54% of the world’s total delivered energy. 

To stay ahead in a world where sustainability commands the attention of governments and consumers alike, the manufacturing sector must embrace swift transformations. Some companies are already leading the way: As of April 2024, 127 manufacturing and transportation companies have signed the Climate Pledge, and committed to meeting zero carbon emissions by 2040 — ten years before required by the Paris Agreement.

Bottles have a bigger footprint than you think: transporting one bottle from factory to fridge generates 78.9g of carbon emissions. One easy way to show your company is committed to sustainability? Ditch unnecessary plastic and invest in sustainable water solutions.

Simply switching to Bevi can help chip away at your company’s climate emissions instantly. Our eco-friendly water coolers dramatically reduce bottle plastic and aluminum waste from your facilities: each of our machines can save more than 50,000 12 oz. single-use containers a year.

But it’s not just about stats. Bevi keeps your manufacturing crew hydrated while being kind to the planet. With Bevi machines quietly dispensing refreshing drinks, the choice is simple: keep your employees happy and refreshed. Join us in unbottling the future.

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Ruby Sutton

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