9 Simple Ways to Recognize Employees


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Hey, we just wanted to let you know that you’re doing a great job today! 

Didn’t that feel nice? (You totally deserved it by the way. )

Studies have shown that recognizing employees for their achievements has multiple positive effects on the workplace: it increases productivity, encourages social interactions, creates an overall feeling of positivity, and promotes staff unity. It’s easy to recognize employees for high performance at their jobs, but consider recognizing employees for more than their professional achievements. Birthdays and work anniversaries are easy, annual days to give an employee a shout out. Recognizing employees for personal achievements – maybe Emily ran a marathon last week, or Jason got married – shows employees that you value them for more than their professional accolades. Staff recognition can be easy and inexpensive but can go a long way towards promoting a positive atmosphere and, ultimately, towards staff retention.

1. Handwrite a personalized note or card

It may not sound like much, but a handwritten note or card goes a long way to remind employees just how valued they are! It can be as simple as a surprise post-it note left on a desk, but the trick is to be specific – thank the employee for staying after the party to help you clean up or for going above and beyond on a certain project.  As a finishing touch, add some stickers or draw some smileys!

2. Indulge their sweet tooth

Baked goods are an inexpensive way to recognize employees for a job well done. Crowdsource to find out the employee’s preferred vice; the recognition will be more meaningful if you’re able to surprise the employee with their favorite cookie, candy, or coffee! And if your office is on a health kick, there are plenty of healthy snacks or beverages out there to reward your team with. 

If the budget allows, think about rewarding the entire staff! Everyone has more incentive to work hard if there are treats on the horizon.

3. Add them to a ‘Wall of Fame’

Snap a candid photo of the employee and record the reason he or she is being recognized! Your Wall of Fame can also include a celebration calendar with a list of employee birthdays and corporate anniversaries.

4. Give them a gift!

Gifts don’t have to be fancy – a $5 gift card to the Starbucks down the street goes a long way towards making an employee feel special!  If your budget or the size of your company doesn’t allow for frequent gifts, add names to a jar and draw a winner at the end of the month.

5. Feature employees on social media or on the company’s website

Share an employee’s accomplishment on social media! Both the company and the employee’s friends and family will be able to give kudos!

6. Shout outs at meetings

If your company has a daily or weekly meeting, give outstanding employees a quick shout out! It’s an easy, quick way to make someone feel special. Shout outs can also be done through email – be sure to attach a cute gif!

7. Reward them with some swag

If you work for a larger company, you most likely have company branded swag just waiting to be adopted. Recognize employees or teams with a mug or t-shirt for a job well done! As an added bonus, employees are able to show off their company pride!

8. Traveling trophy

Designate a token or trophy that travels from desk to desk for a job well done (the Gellar cup, perhaps?). Have employees add something to the trophy: their name, stickers, doodles, you name it! After a year, retire the trophy and start a new one!

9. Give the employees power.

Have your employees join in on your decision making! For example, you can recognize employees by letting them choose happy hour locations, snacks for the break room, the next company community service outing, or even the office Spotify playlist. Not only will the employee feel special, but it saves you from having to make the decision!

How do you like to recognize your employees for a job well done? Let us know in the comments!


Bevi staff

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