Bubbly with Bevi: Blackberry Lime Mint Fizz


Jeff Gapinski


Bubbly with Bevi is a blog series featuring Guest Creative Jyoti Patel. The monthly series covers a variety of fun Happy Hour recipes you could create with the Bevi machine plus some simple ingredients.

I enjoy a more complicated drink every now and then, but I definitely leave those recipes up to the professional bartenders! When it comes to making drinks on my own, I try to keep it simple, but tasty.

I tend to like blackberries only in my jams; however, the Blackberry Lime Mint Fizz kind of made me change my mind! After putting it together, I realized what a great cocktail it is if you need to whip up a quick happy hour or party drink. It’s not too sweet or too tart, and is the perfect balance of refreshing and fizzy—all in one simple drink.

Tip: If you’d like to mix it up or offer an array of drinks—you could use different fruits and their corresponding Bevi sparkling water flavors. Also, it would make the perfect non-alcoholic drink if you’re craving something fun during the day—just forego the alcohol, and opt for more fruits and/or sparkling water.


1.5 oz. vodka

5 – 6 fresh mint leaves


Bevi Blackberry Lime sparkling water


1. In a cocktail shaker, muddle mint leaves and 3 – 4 blackberries with a splash of Bevi Blackberry Lime sparkling water.

2. Add vodka, ice (preferably crushed), and stir or shake thoroughly.

3. Strain contents into glasses and add ice. (Watch out: the contents are pink and can stain cloth.)

4. Top with more Bevi Blackberry Lime sparkling water (depending on how strong you want it!), and stir.

Optional: garnish with whole blackberries, lime wedges, and/or mint leaves

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Jeff Gapinski

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