Stillshot of a The Dodo video with two guinea pigs and a pitbull


The Dodo is an animal media startup that uses animal videos and social media content to bring attention to animal rights. (Chances are, you’ve seen a few of their viral videos on Facebook.) Just over four years old, this growing startup boasts about 50 employees and a conscientious company culture.

As an animal rights company, The Dodo is, by nature, also a very environmentally-conscious company. Their office recycles and composts as much as possible, a good portion of their  employees are vegetarian or vegan, and as a company, they try to make eco-friendly choices whenever possible. That said, the office was still producing more waste than Kristen, the office manager, would have liked, so she set out to find a way to further reduce the office’s environmental impact.


Before Bevi, The Dodo had a simple water machine. This left employees to drink their favorite type of water, sparkling water, from bottles and cans. This proved to be a huge issue for The Dodo given the size and location of their office. Located in SoHo, Manhattan, The Dodo was growing rapidly and quickly running out of storage space as a result. They only had one storage closet, and it never had enough room (or beverages) to keep up with demand!

Kristen first saw the Bevi machine when The Dodo merged with Thrillist, which has a Bevi water cooler in their office. As soon as The Dodo employees saw the hydration station, they began asking why their office didn’t have their own. Bevi was exactly what they were looking for!


As soon as The Dodo got a Bevi machine, they eliminated  all of the plastic bottles and canned beverages from their office. This positive, eco-friendly change was a huge plus for the company. Kristen loves to share how many plastic bottles the Bevi diverts from the landfill each month, and employees are always eager to know the results.

Kristen no longer has to worry about storage or beverage management either. “As an office manager, getting drinks for the office is on the bottom of my list. So I love that I never have to think about beverages or worry about the Bevi machine.” As part of Bevi’s all-in-one service the machine will alert a Bevi technician whenever the machine needs to be restocked. The Bevi service team handles everything automatically, giving Kristen more time back in her day.  

In addition, Kristen says Bevi is simply an exciting company perk. Kristen personally loves to hear employees passionately discuss the Bevi machine as they debate and taste test its flavors. As a company that hosts a lot of employee happy hours, The Dodo loves how Bevi provides healthy, customizable mixers on demand for their afterhours events.

The Bevi is completely worth it. The monthly cost is worth all the time and effort it takes to stock water bottles or sparkling water and getting mixers with happy hour.” In comparison to their previous offerings, the eco-friendly Bevi “is so much more interesting and engaging. People love being able to pick out a flavor and change it up if they want to. They definitely prefer Bevi over canned drinks. It’s so loved that if we got rid of the Bevi, there would for sure be an uprising.”

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In Tom Trocola-Barone’s words, KIND “is a group of people who care about each other and the world.” KIND’s commitment to being, well, kind, is not only apparent in the tasty, healthy snacks they create, but also in their company culture and how they treat their ­team members.

Kind employees looking healthy and happy


One of Tom’s many responsibilities is to ensure all 200 team members in KIND’s New York City office are happy and satisfied. He’s constantly looking for ways to improve the office space and the team member experience. They have a Fun Committee, and it was this very same Committee that ultimately brought Bevi’s smart water cooler to Kind.

In a team member survey, Tom found that team members were looking for more options in their snack and beverage offerings. However, there was a very limited amount of kitchen and office space to work with. Tom was unable to purchase bulky cases of bottled and canned beverages—there just wasn’t any room! That’s when Tom began looking for an innovative office beverage solution, particularly something that would provide on-demand sparkling water. Around the same time, the head of HR reached out to Tom and the Fun Committee about a smart water cooler that could help the office maximize its limited kitchen space.

Kind office dining area


When Tom first heard about Bevi, he wasn’t sure about bringing it on board. The high-tech water cooler looked expensive and having on-demand sparkling water seemed like a costly, higher-end perk. However, after realizing it was within his budget and seeing how happy Bevi made his team, he couldn’t say no.

Tom says, “people are obsessed with the Bevi machine.” In the first two months after the smart water cooler arrived, Tom received an email every day from someone telling him how much they loved Bevi and having on-demand sparkling water. “For someone to be that excited about water, that’s something special. It’s not a normal thing to hear so many people be so excited about water.”

Bevi was the perfect beverage solution for KIND. It provided team members with a variety of on-demand beverage options that they didn’t have before. Not to mention how much time Tom now has by not having to continually manage the whole process of storing, restocking, and disposing of bottles and cans. “It couldn’t be any more convenient,” Tom explains: “I don’t have to worry about a thing. The Bevi has all the options; the service is included; and it keeps people happy.”

In addition to conveniently providing numerous beverage options, Bevi is also a great fit for KIND in that it offers healthy flavors. The KIND Dietitians are excited to have the Bevi in the office to offer more variety and ways to improve their team members hydration.

After seeing how fast the Bevi smart water cooler caught on at KIND, Tom has been spreading the word ever since. He even introduced the water cooler to his husband’s company, and their office got one as well. Tom says, “They absolutely love it.”

Bevi water machine in Kind office

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Zocdoc is an online and app-based medical appointment booking service that allows users to book appointments wherever and whenever. With over 350 employees in their New York City Headquarters, Office Operations Associate, Hannah, has her work cut out for her overseeing three and a half floors’ worth of office activities, events, food, culture, maintenance, and repairs.

“With a multiple-floor office, restocking office beverages every week became really difficult,” explains Hannah. Each week brought more and varied food and beverage requests—keeping up with it all became time-consuming and very costly. As a result, Hannah recalls “we would spend at least two hours a week ordering drinks, managing inventory levels, and stocking the fridge.” On top of this, Hannah and her team found themselves disposing of the office trash more frequently and spending extra time to separate the recycling from the trash.

At the same time, “Our employees knew about the environmental impact,” says Hannah, “a lot of them care and try to be environmental. For example, many already brought in their own mug for coffee.” Ultimately, Hannah and her office decided “it would be hypocritical to not approach our water consumption with the same spirit of environmentalism.”


Hannah began looking into alternative beverage solutions. She wanted to reduce the amount of time and work she would spend restocking office beverages and considered switching brands or ordering in bulk. Unfortunately, neither options could keep up with Zocdoc’s growing team.

As part of her role, Hannah often visits other companies to find out what industry leaders are offering their employees. It was during one of these visits that Hannah first saw Bevi. The still, sparkling and flavored water cooler was exactly what she had been searching for: a high volume, customizable beverage machine that would help cut beverage spending, reduce environmental impact, and completely take care of restocking office beverages.

“Bevi was a really cool and interesting perk that we could offer our employees while also tackling a number of our issues all at once once.”

ZocDoc's Bevi machine means no more restocking office beverages


From the start, Bevi was a huge hit at Zocdoc. Employees loved how many options the machine offered, as they could select exactly what kind of beverage—still, sparkling, or flavored water—they wanted on demand. After piloting one machine, Zocdoc quickly added three more Bevi machines to accommodate company growth. Hannah remarked that the office’s beverage spend is now more consistent and they have saved both time and money since adding Bevi to Zocdoc.  

Best of all, Hannah never has to keep track of the internet-connected machines: Bevi’s service technicians monitor flavor and CO2 levels remotely, so they automatically know when to come service the machines, and Hannah never has to worry about restocking office beverages again. 

In addition, Hannah explains that employees are generally making healthier choices, with soda consumption decreasing by half since the smart water coolers were installed. Bevi’s low-calorie and unsweetened flavors are keeping employees happily hydrated. The office has also seen an increase in employees that bring their own mugs and bottles to work, which has helped significantly reduce the amount of waste the office produces. Hannah and her facilities team now have a much easier time managing the office’s recycling and trash.

Hannah says she loves the data Bevi’s team can provide. She finds it extremely helpful to know which flavors employees like, and her team will often make both beverage and snack decisions based on the data. For example, Hannah saw how popular Bevi’s raspberry flavor was among employees and decided to start ordering raspberries for the office. They were an instant hit!

ZocDoc's Bevi machine means no more restocking office beverages

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DramaFever is a video streaming platform recently acquired by Warner Bros. that offers documentaries, movies, and TV shows with subtitles on demand. For Nadia, who acts as both the Office and Facilities Manager, company employee experience is a top priority. She works hard to ensure that all employees are content and taken care of.


With 76 employees in the NYC office, Nadia coordinates a variety of initiatives to make their company wellness program as inclusive and appealing as possible.They are always on the lookout for more ways to add to their offerings and encourage healthier habits in the office.

Aside from her desire to offer new health and wellness programs, Nadia, a San Francisco Bay Area native, lives an environmentally-conscious lifestyle, and was growing increasingly bothered by the amount of waste created by the bottled and canned beverages in the DramaFever office. She found herself constantly reordering beverages and dealing with the recycling, and began to wonder: how can I eliminate some of this waste?

That’s when Nadia saw the Bevi smart water cooler at an event. After using it and learning about it, she was sold. “The Bevi water cooler is such a great system in any setting that it really just spoke for itself. It just made sense to get it for our office.”


Nadia was specifically drawn to the internet-connected water cooler as it would help her save time. As both Office and Facilities Manager, she’s constantly juggling numerous projects and had no time to order beverages or call the service tech for their regular water dispenser when something went  wrong. “When I heard that the Bevi machine’s wifi connectivity sends someone to come and restock it, I thought that this machine was heaven on earth. I don’t have to monitor supplies or do anything.”

Now, with the Bevi water cooler, Nadia has fewer bottles and cans to deal with. Drama Fever even removed  an industrial-sized fridge after the Bevi hydration station was installed, since the office no longer needed to keep shelves of bottled sparkling water chilled. The Bevi machine now chills and dispense all the flavored, sparkling water their employees could want.

Better yet, having Bevi and its on-demand sparkling water available has led DramaFever employees to drink less soda. Nadia firmly believes that soda is quickly becoming a thing of the past; when people get a craving for a carbonated beverage, they’d rather top off their glass with sparkling flavored water than bog it down with a sugary soda. Now, with the Bevi hydration station around, it’s easier than ever for them to get their fill.

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With over 90 global offices and 15,000 employees, Boston Consulting Group is one of the top global management consulting firms in the world. Karen Hood is the Director of Office Operations for BCG’s Center for Knowledge and Analytics, one of the three BCG offices in Boston. The employees in her office travel often and work hard, so Karen works to provide a “best in class” employee experience. “My job is to get them everything they need to be successful in their role.”

Part of her job is finding new, interesting perks for the employees. “When something game-changing comes along, I usually grab it.” After all, she says, that’s who BCG is as a company, constantly seeking out innovative ways to solve traditional problems.


Karen was introduced to Bevi through a colleague at another BCG office. An enthusiastic supporter of startups, she agreed to meet with the Bevi rep, tasted a few samples, and signed a contract. “At that time, we were purchasing so many cans of seltzer, I loved that the Bevi reduces the footprint of waste while still providing us with artisan flavors. It’s such a unique addition to the market.”


First and foremost, Karen loves that the Bevi allows her to control her beverage spending. She no longer has to monitor cans of seltzer and immediately replace them when they run out by demand of the employees, whenever that might be.

“The Bevi is also much more interesting than cans of sparkling water,” she said. She loves how unique and innovative the machine is, while also being less wasteful and being budget-friendly.

And thanks to Bevi’s data analytics, Karen was able to get immediate feedback on flavor popularity so that she could give her employees exactly what they wanted. After realizing that unsweetened flavors tended to be more popular in her office, they phased out the sweetened flavors. “Which aligns perfectly with our wellness goals,” she says, “because Bevi plays a big role in BCG’s focus on providing healthy option for our employees.”

And of course, said Karen, there’s the phenomenal service. “We were an early adopter and there have been no service issues at all. The service we get is great; Bevi is the perfect vendor to work with because it requires absolutely none of my time.

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Bevi is HelloSign’s cost-saving solution to keeping company culture eco-friendly


Caroline is the office operations coordinator at HelloSign, a cloud-based software platform that’s changing the way business is done with its eSignature, eFax and digital workflow products. With plans to grow by 35% in the next two months, HelloSign–based in San Francisco—is expanding rapidly. While excited about the growth, Caroline is concerned about scaling in a way that ensures cultural stability and sufficient resources for all. They were also facing issues in their beverage sourcing: not only were they spending over $1,300 per month on average purchasing bottled water, sparkling water, and flavored water, but they were also producing a large amount of waste, which for a paperless company is certainly not ideal. They needed to find a better way to maintain their eco-friendly company culture.


Prompted by the need to get a versatile water solution for a new floor of the company, Caroline began searching for a low-maintenance solution. “When I found the Bevi, I fell in love,” she said. Though they couldn’t get it for their old office, she kept Bevi in mind. When they moved into their new office, she made it her mission to get Bevi installed.


In addition to cutting beverage costs by 65%, Bevi has helped Caroline solve a number of office issues.

The unlimited Bevi will not only fit the company’s current needs but also ensure that whether they grow 35% or 100%, all future employees will stay hydrated. And with Bevi’s flavor and fizz options allowing employees to customize their own drinks, Caroline no longer has to worry about managing employee beverage needs. Employees can even make their own fun combinations: “Our office manager likes mixing Peach and Lime Mint.” But, Caroline still makes sure everyone feels involved by sending out a Google Form to let the office vote on flavors, which has a been a great company exercise in making employees feel valued and included.

The environmentally-friendly Bevi is also a perfect culture fit for HelloSign. “Since we’re a paperless company, we care a lot about our environmental impact, so being able to eliminate all the plastic waste from bottled drinks was really great too.” Before the Bevi, her employees were feeling guilty about using cans and bottles when they wanted sparkling water; they’re all thrilled to now have an eco-friendly option. No bottles and cans also means less work for Caroline in stocking and disposing. With little paper and no sparkling water bottles, emptying the recycling bin just got a lot easier.

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Greentown Labs is the largest clean-tech startup incubator and coworking space in the US. They’re also one of the few startup incubators with a hardware emphasis, complete with its own machine shop and prototyping lab space. As a matter of fact, it was in this coworking space that Bevi was born.

Greentown Labs is unique in its industry focus: the incubator supports specifically green technology, with a goal to improve the way we treat the environment and use energy. As Elizabeth Barno, the community director of Greentown Labs, explains, “Every company here is part of that mission; everyone here has a purpose-driven startup.”

As Bevi began piloting their machines around Boston, their fellow members at Greentown Labs asked when their coworking space would get a machine of its own. Soon, Bevi would become the centerpiece of the coworking space’s kitchen!

The Bevi machine grew to be such a popular feature in the coworking kitchen that when Bevi graduated from the incubator, the members asked Greentown Labs to keep the Bevi machine. Everyone had grown accustomed to customizing their water to their liking. Furthermore, Bevi’s variety of flavors appeased everyone’s tastes— not an easy feat for a coworking space of 200 members. Given Greentown’s environmental focus, Bevi and its ability to cut plastic waste made the machine a great culture fit for the coworking space. Greentown encourages all members to produce as little waste as possible by bringing their own reusable bottles and mugs to work.

“We’re really proud of Bevi,” said Barno. “They’re one of our success stories so we talk about them all the time. We’re happy to be part of Bevi’s history and look forward to seeing their great future.”

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How the Bevi hydration station brought pure water and healthy flavors to the MIT VMS office


Venture Mentoring Service (VMS) at MIT provides free confidential entrepreneurial mentoring services for any and all MIT students. While their office is small, Haley, the Operations Manager at VMS, says that they have plenty of mentors and mentees passing through every day for meetings, making it difficult to predict how how often the hydration station should be stocked on a given day.

Before getting Bevi, VMS used a water jug delivery service, which Haley called “a nightmare.” It was a hassle to constantly replace the plastic water jugs and impossible to predict the supply and demand; often, their space was left without filtered drinking water.

In contrast, she said, “Bevi was a dream come true.” Because Bevi connects to a water line and filters tap water, VMS is never left without purified drinking water. Compared to the labor-intensive alternative, Bevi, a bottleless water dispenser, was a no brainer—the ability to dispense healthy flavored drinks and carbonated water made the decision even easier.

The Bevi water cooler in their hallway quickly became a hotspot for students and university staff in the area: students in the classroom next door come to fill up their reusable bottles, while gym goers make the trip from a separate floor just to get a pour of Bevi’s healthy drinks. One MIT policeman even carries his bike up the stairs to fill up at the bottleless hydration station.

Haley often overhears the students praising the hydration station: “This is the best thing ever; I wish I could have it in my dorm.” And students especially love the health aspect of the natural, fruit flavored beverages. “They feel good about what they’re drinking and it’s much better than a soda machine.”

Another one of Operations Manager Haley’s favorite things about the Bevi hydration station is the remote tracking of consumable levels and the proactive servicing. Since Bevi is internet-connected, Bevi technicians are able to replace water filters and flavors before they run out. “It’s one less thing for us to have to worry about.”

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Achievement Unlocked: cut soda consumption and waste by 40%, thereby saving the world


It was clear to everyone at Crystal Dynamics—the video game developer famous for creating Tomb Raider—that they had a beverage problem. Nathan, a Workplace Solution Specialist at Crystal Dynamics, said, “Sparkling water was the most consumed beverage. Ever. Period.”

They were ordering 14 cases of sparkling water every week to keep up with employee demand. This required time and effort along with the whole process involved in stocking beverages: ordering from the vendor, scheduling and receiving deliveries, finding storage for the excess, stocking the fridges, and finally managing the waste.

Mission commence.


Their facilities manager, Ian, saw the need at Crystal Dynamics for a cheaper, hassle-free, and waste-saving beverage solution. He suggested Bevi, a machine that had solved similar issues at his previous place of work.

“The Bevi fit our need for unlimited sparkling water,” said Nate, “It’s also great that it dispenses regular or flavored water. The options are awesome!”

The team at Crystal Dynamics conducted a cost analysis, comparing the cost of Bevi to their current beverage spending. When they saw that Bevi would cut their beverage costs by over 50%, it was a “no brainer.”


Though secretive about their game development, Crystal Dynamics isn’t hiding how much they love their Bevi.

“The Bevi is amazing!” Nathan praises its ability to let employees choose exactly how they want their water—sparkling or still, flavored or pure.

“We used to buy 14 cases of Costco brand sparkling water every week. It was a ton of work.” In comparison, the Internet-connected Bevi runs itself and lets us know when it needs to be serviced. This has freed up a lot of time for the Workplace Solutions team and also a lot of space since they no longer have to store cases of water. As one the people who used to stock the fridge, Nathan says, “Bevi is literally saving my back.”

After they got Bevi, Nathan believes that employees are drinking more water as well. He’s also noticed a stark behavior shift: “Soda consumption has gone down drastically, like about 40%, since the Bevi.” With the attractive and fun options provided by Bevi, it’s easier for employees to be healthier while also saving the environment. Thank you hydration heroes!

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The time Bevi saves for this small, high-growth startup is “more than worth it”


Affinity, a venture backed startup, is the fastest growing relationship intelligence platform whose vision is to reimagine how business leverage their networks. Using AI and natural language processing, Affinity helps teams curate and grow their network by unlocking introductions to decision makers and auto-populating their pipeline.

With a rapidly growing team and a new SF office, Affinity tries to streamline their busy operations wherever they can.  Jason Kim, Affinity’s head of Operations, covers all non-product and non-sales duties—this includes everything under HR, finance, office management, and events.

“Working in operations at a startup, I’m always looking for ways to be more efficient with my time,” says Jason. His job deals with a series of moving parts and requests coming from all directions at any time; all of this requires constant context-switching, the process of switching from task to task which is incredibly tiring for the brain.

With sales ramping up, a number of new hires, aggressive recruiting, and an office move, Jason began looking for ways to automate some of his responsibilities.


Bevi was brought to Jason by an engineer who had seen it at Lyft. At the time, one of Jason’s many tasks was to keep the kitchen and fridge stocked. Affinity was ordering pallets of soft drinks and flavored waters, the fridge emptied quicker each week. Jason was open to solutions with speedy customer service that would ultimately save Affinity time and money. “As operations I calculate time spent on a task into monetary value. Our team is growing so fast, we can’t waste time on a weekly basis evaluating how to keep the fridge stocked.”

With these benefits in mind, Affinity added Bevi as a contact and signed a contract.


With all the beverage options and vendors available, it can be overwhelming and overly complicated to do something as simple as order drinks for an office, especially a quickly expanding one. Bevi brings unlimited sparkling, flavored, and still water together in one product and saves Jason a lot of effort. He now no longer has to spend time or energy estimating need, ordering, stocking, or managing employee beverage requests—Bevi does it all.

Jason is also thrilled by Bevi’s environmental impact. “As a SF startup, we’re conscious about the waste that we create.” On the operations side, there’s also the added benefit of not having to deal with innumerable bottles and cans in their trash and recycling.

As for Bevi’s customer service –“It’s been awesome. Whenever we’ve had an issue, we would have someone here within a couple of hours which was amazing! You deal with a lot of vendors within operations and something you really appreciate when you find it is speedy customer service.”

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