Bevi Releases Inaugural Sustainability Impact Report, Announces Plan to Eliminate the Use of Single-Use Bottles and Cans


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On a mission to eliminate single-use water bottles, the Smart Water Cooler® company announces its sustainability goal of saving over 1 billion water bottles from entering the global waste stream by 2025.

Boston – April  9, 2024 Bevi, the leading designer of smart water coolers for commercial spaces, today announced its inaugural sustainability impact report, outlining how plastic bottles are harming the environment, its recent sustainability achievements, and its goals to fully eliminate the use of plastic bottles. The report reveals that Bevi has replaced and prevented over 500 million single-use bottles and cans from entering the global waste stream since its inception in 2013. 

Bevi is on a mission to save over 1 billion bottles from entering the environment by 2025. 600 billion plastic water bottles and containers are sold each year, with each taking more than 400 years to biodegrade. In 2023 alone, 86% of plastic bottles ended up in landfills, as U.S. recycling rates continue to decrease. Not only is a plastic bottle itself harmful for the environment, but getting that bottle from factory to fridge also generates 78.9g of CO2 – making the global annual carbon footprint of bottled water equivalent to the amount emitted by over 10 million cars. On top of their negative impact on the environment, plastic bottles can also have a negative impact on health. A recent study found 240,000 detectable plastic fragments per liter of bottled water. Bevi is fighting the growing plastic crisis and protecting the health of consumers by offering premium filtration to remove microplastics from water, as an alternative to plastic bottles.  

With these issues in mind, Bevi’s mission is to unbottle the future, making the beverage industry sustainable through its smart water coolers. The company’s 2024 impact report shares the recent milestones Bevi has hit, as well as the company’s outlook for the future, including: 

  • 500 Million Bottles and Cans Replaced: Bevi’s customers have replaced enough bottles to date that if they were stacked end-to-end, they would equal two trips around Earth’s circumference. 
  • Make Bevi More Accessible: The company will be donating refurbished Bevi machines to schools, non-profits, and other community organizations in the Boston area. 
  • Tracking Towards 1 Billion Bottles Replaced: Bevi’s goal is to replace over 1 billion bottles by 2025. Bevi is halfway towards the company’s goal of replacing 1 billion plastic bottles by 2025.

“The beverage industry is incredibly wasteful, with some of the world’s largest beverage companies contributing the most to plastic pollution,” said Sean Grundy, Bevi Co-Founder and CEO. “My co-founders and I started Bevi 10 years ago because we wanted to transform the beverage industry from the inside. We believe that people shouldn’t have to choose between sustainability and convenience, and we are excited to be building a new, bottle-free supply chain for beverages. We are thankful for the thousands of corporate customers who have partnered with Bevi to replace refrigerators full of bottled beverages with machines that offer a wide variety of beverages without single-use containers.”  

You can view Bevi’s full inaugural impact report here. To learn more about Bevi and its Smart Water Cooler ® technology, visit bevi.co

About Bevi

Bevi designs smart water coolers that provide filtered, flavored, and sparkling water on demand. The company was founded in 2013 by graduates of MIT and Yale University who shared a vision to redesign the beverage supply chain and eliminate the need for single-use disposable water bottles. Since its founding, Bevi has raised over $160M in venture capital and saved hundreds of millions of bottles and cans from ending up in landfills. Thousands of Bevi machines are located throughout North America in the offices of businesses such as Lyft, Netflix, and Microsoft, and in amenity areas of residential apartment buildings run by leading property management firms like Greystar and Colliers. For more information, visit www.bevi.co.


Bevi staff

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