Bevi is HelloSign’s cost-saving solution to keeping company culture eco-friendly


Caroline is the office operations coordinator at HelloSign, a cloud-based software platform that’s changing the way business is done with its eSignature, eFax and digital workflow products. With plans to grow by 35% in the next two months, HelloSign–based in San Francisco—is expanding rapidly. While excited about the growth, Caroline is concerned about scaling in a way that ensures cultural stability and sufficient resources for all. They were also facing issues in their beverage sourcing: not only were they spending over $1,300 per month on average purchasing bottled water, sparkling water, and flavored water, but they were also producing a large amount of waste, which for a paperless company is certainly not ideal. They needed to find a better way to maintain their eco-friendly company culture.


Prompted by the need to get a versatile water solution for a new floor of the company, Caroline began searching for a low-maintenance solution. “When I found the Bevi, I fell in love,” she said. Though they couldn’t get it for their old office, she kept Bevi in mind. When they moved into their new office, she made it her mission to get Bevi installed.


In addition to cutting beverage costs by 65%, Bevi has helped Caroline solve a number of office issues.

The unlimited Bevi will not only fit the company’s current needs but also ensure that whether they grow 35% or 100%, all future employees will stay hydrated. And with Bevi’s flavor and fizz options allowing employees to customize their own drinks, Caroline no longer has to worry about managing employee beverage needs. Employees can even make their own fun combinations: “Our office manager likes mixing Peach and Lime Mint.” But, Caroline still makes sure everyone feels involved by sending out a Google Form to let the office vote on flavors, which has a been a great company exercise in making employees feel valued and included.

The environmentally-friendly Bevi is also a perfect culture fit for HelloSign. “Since we’re a paperless company, we care a lot about our environmental impact, so being able to eliminate all the plastic waste from bottled drinks was really great too.” Before the Bevi, her employees were feeling guilty about using cans and bottles when they wanted sparkling water; they’re all thrilled to now have an eco-friendly option. No bottles and cans also means less work for Caroline in stocking and disposing. With little paper and no sparkling water bottles, emptying the recycling bin just got a lot easier.

Want to learn more? Bevi is more than just a smart water cooler: learn more about our full line of Products, healthy Flavors and hassle-free Service here.

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