In Tom Trocola-Barone’s words, KIND “is a group of people who care about each other and the world.” KIND’s commitment to being, well, kind, is not only apparent in the tasty, healthy snacks they create, but also in their company culture and how they treat their ­team members.

Kind employees looking healthy and happy


One of Tom’s many responsibilities is to ensure all 200 team members in KIND’s New York City office are happy and satisfied. He’s constantly looking for ways to improve the office space and the team member experience. They have a Fun Committee, and it was this very same Committee that ultimately brought Bevi’s smart water cooler to Kind.

In a team member survey, Tom found that team members were looking for more options in their snack and beverage offerings. However, there was a very limited amount of kitchen and office space to work with. Tom was unable to purchase bulky cases of bottled and canned beverages—there just wasn’t any room! That’s when Tom began looking for an innovative office beverage solution, particularly something that would provide on-demand sparkling water. Around the same time, the head of HR reached out to Tom and the Fun Committee about a smart water cooler that could help the office maximize its limited kitchen space.

Kind office dining area


When Tom first heard about Bevi, he wasn’t sure about bringing it on board. The high-tech water cooler looked expensive and having on-demand sparkling water seemed like a costly, higher-end perk. However, after realizing it was within his budget and seeing how happy Bevi made his team, he couldn’t say no.

Tom says, “people are obsessed with the Bevi machine.” In the first two months after the smart water cooler arrived, Tom received an email every day from someone telling him how much they loved Bevi and having on-demand sparkling water. “For someone to be that excited about water, that’s something special. It’s not a normal thing to hear so many people be so excited about water.”

Bevi was the perfect beverage solution for KIND. It provided team members with a variety of on-demand beverage options that they didn’t have before. Not to mention how much time Tom now has by not having to continually manage the whole process of storing, restocking, and disposing of bottles and cans. “It couldn’t be any more convenient,” Tom explains: “I don’t have to worry about a thing. The Bevi has all the options; the service is included; and it keeps people happy.”

In addition to conveniently providing numerous beverage options, Bevi is also a great fit for KIND in that it offers healthy flavors. The KIND Dietitians are excited to have the Bevi in the office to offer more variety and ways to improve their team members hydration.

After seeing how fast the Bevi smart water cooler caught on at KIND, Tom has been spreading the word ever since. He even introduced the water cooler to his husband’s company, and their office got one as well. Tom says, “They absolutely love it.”

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