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For the past five months, Monica has been not only an HR Generalist, but also the Office Manager for Fundera’s bustling NYC office. Needless to say, she’s very busy. It’s no surprise then that Monica had little to no time to monitor the office’s beverage inventory.  


Before Bevi, Fundera had an office beverage service but it wasn’t providing enough variety for their growing employee base. As the office began to grow exponentially, snack and beverage ordering and restocking was quickly becoming a full-time job for Monica. In just two year, the office doubled in size from 47 employees to 92—and they were expecting to double in size again by the end of 2019. This rapid growth made, it difficult to predict how many drinks the office  would go through in a given period of time. Monica was in desperate need of an office beverage service that would scale with Fundera’s employee growth.



As they moved into a new office space, Monica knew it was time to upgrade her office to an all-in-one beverage service. Fundera opted for a Bevi smart water cooler as it is easy to set and forget; hooking up directly to the office’s water line, Bevi provided sparkling and/or flavored beverages to Fundera employees on demand. Monica explains, “there’s never been a question about whether or not we need a Bevi, because we do.”

With Bevi’s office beverage service, Monica never has to worry about service or refills. Bevi is internet-connected and automatically notifies Bevi technicians if a fizz or flavor refill is needed. Ultimately, Bevi’s smart water cooler has helped Monica get time back in her day, as she no longer has to worry about ordering and restocking the office’s beverages. Now employees can enjoy customizable beverages on demand.

Monica is also outspoken about the extra storage space the office has gained by adding Bevi to the workplace. Bevi’s water line hook-up and on-demand beverages allowed her to free up the space where we she used to store cases of beverages. As Fundera continues to grow rapidly, space in their NYC office will become even more of a luxury. Luckily, the Bevi machine and its complimentary service will scale with this growth without taking up anymore of the office’s coveted floor space.

Ultimately, Bevi’s office beverage service turned out to be a perfect fit for Fundera, as employees love the smart water cooler just as much as Monica does. “People love the flavors, especially when there’s a new one. Everyone gets so excited.” This is clear from the office’s usage data: since the Bevi machine was installed, Fundera has saved over 120,000 bottles, with 5,000 bottles saved just last month.

Want to learn more? Bevi is more than just a smart water cooler: learn more about our full line of Products, healthy Flavors and hassle-free Service here.

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