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With over 90 global offices and 15,000 employees, Boston Consulting Group is one of the top global management consulting firms in the world. Karen Hood is the Director of Office Operations for BCG’s Center for Knowledge and Analytics, one of the three BCG offices in Boston. The employees in her office travel often and work hard, so Karen works to provide a “best in class” employee experience. “My job is to get them everything they need to be successful in their role.”

Part of her job is finding new, interesting perks for the employees. “When something game-changing comes along, I usually grab it.” After all, she says, that’s who BCG is as a company, constantly seeking out innovative ways to solve traditional problems.


Karen was introduced to Bevi through a colleague at another BCG office. An enthusiastic supporter of startups, she agreed to meet with the Bevi rep, tasted a few samples, and signed a contract. “At that time, we were purchasing so many cans of seltzer, I loved that the Bevi reduces the footprint of waste while still providing us with artisan flavors. It’s such a unique addition to the market.”


First and foremost, Karen loves that the Bevi allows her to control her beverage spending. She no longer has to monitor cans of seltzer and immediately replace them when they run out by demand of the employees, whenever that might be.

“The Bevi is also much more interesting than cans of sparkling water,” she said. She loves how unique and innovative the machine is, while also being less wasteful and being budget-friendly.

And thanks to Bevi’s data analytics, Karen was able to get immediate feedback on flavor popularity so that she could give her employees exactly what they wanted. After realizing that unsweetened flavors tended to be more popular in her office, they phased out the sweetened flavors. “Which aligns perfectly with our wellness goals,” she says, “because Bevi plays a big role in BCG’s focus on providing healthy option for our employees.”

And of course, said Karen, there’s the phenomenal service. “We were an early adopter and there have been no service issues at all. The service we get is great; Bevi is the perfect vendor to work with because it requires absolutely none of my time.

Want to learn more? Bevi is more than just a smart water cooler: learn more about our full line of Products, healthy Flavors and hassle-free Service here.

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