Greentown Labs

Greentown Labs is the largest clean-tech startup incubator and coworking space in the US. They’re also one of the few startup incubators with a hardware emphasis, complete with its own machine shop and prototyping lab space. As a matter of fact, it was in this coworking space that Bevi was born.

Greentown Labs is unique in its industry focus: the incubator supports specifically green technology, with a goal to improve the way we treat the environment and use energy. As Elizabeth Barno, the community director of Greentown Labs, explains, “Every company here is part of that mission; everyone here has a purpose-driven startup.”

As Bevi began piloting their machines around Boston, their fellow members at Greentown Labs asked when their coworking space would get a machine of its own. Soon, Bevi would become the centerpiece of the coworking space’s kitchen!

The Bevi machine grew to be such a popular feature in the coworking kitchen that when Bevi graduated from the incubator, the members asked Greentown Labs to keep the Bevi machine. Everyone had grown accustomed to customizing their water to their liking. Furthermore, Bevi’s variety of flavors appeased everyone’s tastes— not an easy feat for a coworking space of 200 members. Given Greentown’s environmental focus, Bevi and its ability to cut plastic waste made the machine a great culture fit for the coworking space. Greentown encourages all members to produce as little waste as possible by bringing their own reusable bottles and mugs to work.

“We’re really proud of Bevi,” said Barno. “They’re one of our success stories so we talk about them all the time. We’re happy to be part of Bevi’s history and look forward to seeing their great future.”

Want to learn more? Bevi is more than just a smart water cooler: learn more about our full line of Products, healthy Flavors and hassle-free Service here.

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