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Revel Systems—headquartered in San Francisco—is an iPad-based Point of Sales system for restaurant and retail establishments. As a fast growing company across the States, they were reaching a tipping point with managing snacks and beverages for their employees.

Elke, the facilities manager at Revel, found herself buying 160 cases of bottled water and 30 cases of flavored water per month for the 250 employees in the San Francisco office. Not only was the cost adding up, but she was also spending at minimum an hour and a half restocking drinks on both floors. “It was insane,” she said. “I had other things to do with my time.”

In addition, Elke was bothered by the amount of waste produced in the form of bottles, cans, and cardboard packaging. Urged by the need to cut costs, she set out to find an affordable solution that would be able to cater to her growing number of employees, provide both still and sparkling water, and most importantly, taste good.


Bevi was exactly what Elke was looking for. It matched all of her criteria, including impressing her manager who was “addicted” to sparkling flavored water. When asked if she looked at other options, Elke said: “By then I liked the machine, I liked my sales contact, and I liked the company. Why would I even go for something else?” Getting a Bevi was as simple as retrofitting a water line from one of the old coolers. Almost immediately after getting Bevi, Elke was able to remove all other sparkling waters and bottled water from refrigerators, with no complaints from employees. She was even complimented for providing the company with such a welcome way to reduce waste. “It went really well from moment one.”


Revel cut beverage costs by 80% by using Bevi. Before Bevi, Revel was spending almost $65,000 a year on water bottles, sparkling water, and flavored water alone—not to mention the other beverages and snacks they were providing for their employees. Bevi cut total costs down to less than $13,000.

The internet-connected Bevi gives Elke one less thing to worry about, especially since each machine comes with full service included. Stocking the fridge used to consume 1.5 hours of Elke’s day. Now, the Bevi service teams receive online notifications from the machine to proactively restock  beverage ingredients and change water filters before they run out, and Elke doesn’t have to lift a finger. “It was a lot of stress for nothing,” she said. “That’s why I’m so happy with the Bevi; after that I have never had to restock the fridge during the day again.” Bevi also makes healthy hydration a natural choice.

Even with vastly lower costs, Revel employees are consuming 50% more water with Bevi than before. It’s easier than ever to make a better decision. “When you want a Coke, you just go for the flavored water instead. It’s healthier, easier, and more fun, so why not?”

After the success of Bevi at Revel’s California HQ, they got Bevi in their New York and Dallas offices as well.

Want to learn more? Bevi is more than just a smart water cooler: learn more about our full line of Products, healthy Flavors and hassle-free Service here.

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